Tuesday, 13 October 2015

One Hour "Live" Corrie tonight in Canada

The one hour episode of Coronation Street airs on CBC tonight. This episode originally aired live on ITV in the UK on September 23. Obviously it's not live for us but watching it, you can feel the adrenaline and the energy that surrounded the set when they were filming/broadcasting it. Last night's Corrie saw Callum being lured to the Platts' by Sarah, Tonight's episode takes up where that left off, in a confrontation.

I went to CBC's website to double check that this was indeed the day and discovered a list of video extras that they have on their video site. These are all short interviews that ITV made and had on their site in the weeks leading up to the live broadcast. There are interviews with Jack P. Shepherd (David), Sean Ward (Callum), Lucy Fallon (Bethany, Shayne Ward (Aidan), Paula Lane (Kylie) and Sair Khan (Alya) as well as footage of rehearsals. Colson Smith (Craig) also has a video diary. There won't be any spoilers in these if you want to watch before tonight's episode or the weekend omnibus if you wait until Sundays.

Oh, by the way, the omnibus on Sunday will air a half hour earlier than usual to take the extra half hour into effect.

Bluenose Corrie Blog will be tweeting tonight as well in the Atlantic Canada time zone (that's one hour earlier than when Corrie airs in Ontario/Quebec).

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