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Sunday Comments September 18

David decided to go after Callum himself, leaving Kylie on her own. That wasn't very clever. They thought taking the kids to Audrey's means they're safe. I'm pretty sure Callum could figure out where Audrey lives easily enough. Never mind. Sarah decided to lure Callum to the house. I don't know what she thought she could do, mind you.

And thus we begin an episode that was broadcast live in the UK. Sarah was trying to get Callum to admit his misdeeds because she was recording it on her phone but when he found out, he lost his rag. It was a harrowing fight scene, wasn't it? I kept wondering why Yasmeen and Sharif didn't hear enough to make them call the police, never mind a few complaints about the noise. Sarah was *screaming*! Then it all went quiet and we discover that Kylie whacked Callum with one of Tony's wrenches, conveniently left near at hand and he's dead! Nobody should be surprised that he popped his clogs but I was certainly surprised that it was Kylie that did it. She was saving Sarah's life but it could still be construed as manslaughter since she wasn't defending herself. Hard to say though. He certainly threatened them enough over the past months.

Sarah fell to pieces while Kylie tried hard to keep it together though she nearly lost it when Callum got a call or text from his mother. Then it turned into a bit of a keystone cop thing with interruptions and problems trying to get rid of the body, now David is in the mix. Yasmeen finally came over to complain and then later to apologize. David started Callum's car, intending to put Callum in the trunk and take the body somewhere only Tony and Todd got the bright idea to steal it! They didn't see David start it. It's too bad they didn't wait a few more minutes. Callum would have been in the back and when they blew it up (and how did they do that? Was Todd carrying explosives? Cars don't blow up like that so quickly. A fire takes awhile to catch and if they'd put something right in the gas tank, they wouldn't have got a chance to get far enough away to be safe.

Anyway, it was all contrived so that the body was hidden in the manhole that was also conveniently discovered a couple of days before. I thought they'd leave the body there for it to be cemented over but David managed to get it out all by himself and into a car and away.

Now. Can Sarah and Kylie keep the secret? It's difficult to do with everyone starting to ask questions, the police for starters. The morning after, Gail screams out in the garage but it's only a spider. Heart attack, anyone? Kylie and David went bone white! Sarah looks like she's going to be ill and is snapping at everyone and losing her nerve all over the place. Of course David lied that Callum's body was already gone though he hadn't moved it yet.

With one thing and another, they didn't get the opportunity to move the body and Gary almost found it. Next up is getting rid of Gail to Italy for a bit, otherwise, they figure Sarah will end up spilling the beans to her mum. But then the police show up because they found the burned up car. It was one good line after another, with the inspector, first talking about Callum and then in the building site. Gail telling him there's nothing down the manhole but an old rat! Good thing David is pretty apt at keeping cool. But they never did get the body out and couldn't stop Tony and Jason from concreting over the floor and manhole.

Jason is still intent on having his revenge on Callum even though he's in no shape. But Todd has volunteered to help sort out Callum, throwing his lot in with Tony. Todd isn't exactly a tough guy but he might come up with a cunning plan, mightn't he? Tony's cunning plan was to drag his key through the paintwork on Callum's car. Ooh. Scary. Todd's was to steal the car and blow it up and then, THEN, they took a taxi back after doing that. I hope they at least walked a few blocks away before they flagged it down.

I think Gemma really does have an attachment to Callum and was genuinely upset that he was going to run off. No bus driver would have everyone off the bus and bugger off leaving two people on it. They'd empty it and lock it while waiting for the repair call out. Awww poor Craig got all dressed up for a date and got stood up!

In the tradition of the soap cliche, locking two people in a room (or cellar) to get them to talk to each other and make up always works. Lloyd and Steve get drunk and will remain friends. But yeah. Pitiful drunk acting, there. I've seen both of them do far better. Having said that, Steve couldn't face saying goodbye to Lloyd at the party. It seemed like he was still drunk but Liz was upset because she believes it's all related to his illness, which it probably was. Nice little scene between she and Lloyd. I liked them as a couple. Never really cared for Andrea over much. Don't dislike her but i never warmed to her. Still, she and Lloyd are getting a happy ending. I thought the live episode was their final one but Lloyd came back so he and Steve could have one last goodbye. That was nice. I'll miss Lloyd.

And just when you thought you'd seen the back of them, they're back like a boomerang the next morning, having decided to miss the train and come to see Steve to say goodbye. Awww that's what good friends are like. Steve is more than hungover and Michelle is intent on making him suffer. Aww it was nice seeing the friends reminisce and act a fool (staring contests in the cab office, just like old times?) I don't know why Lloyd *has* to sell his half of the cab business, though, can't he just be a silent partner? It was appropriate that Eileen join the duo.

Cathy sure made a wrong move taking Roy to Blackpool, where he had so many nice memories with Hayley. You might ask why didn't she run that by someone but why should she? It's just an unfortunate coincidence that backfired on her. Roy managed ok until she suggested they go paddle in the water, just like Hayley did. Cathy turned around and he disappeared. How, I don't know. How did he manage to vanish when he had a long walk back across the beach to the road? He couldn't have done it in the few seconds she had her back turned. Stupid.

Anna did a lovely job decorating the cafe for Roy's birthday dinner and everyone dressed up which was pretty cool. Too bad Roy wasn't in any mood for a party when he finally got home (by bus). He was in a terrible mood too, and made out like it was because the bus driver was inadequate but it's really more than that and Carla pointed out the truth later. Roy's starting to have feelings for Cathy and he's scared he's betraying Hayley. It's turning point for both of them really. They had a lovely chat on the bus later, though and I think they both know now that they can move on without forgetting their late spouses.

Cathy has decided that close quarters is probably not appropriate. They're still rather awkward and it's kind of sweet. Loved Carla advising Roy on dating and trying to build a relationship with Cathy.

Laughed at Sally and Anna sniping at and about each other. And then of all people, it's Anna that overhears Sally telling Sophie about the kiss with Kevin while slagging Anna off, with sheets on the clothesline to hide her. Another cliche, right? Well, the secret had to come out sooner or later. Anna was spiteful and told Tim about the kiss and Tim is heartbroken. He's calling off the wedding and Sally is left humiliated. It's not such a bad thing for Sally to be taken down a peg or two. I do hope they make it back together because they really are good together.

The morning after, Anna is hungover and doesn't remember that she ruined Sally and Tim's relationship. Sally's wrapped in the duvet and listening to heartbreak songs. Tim is numb. Sally thinks Tim has slept in Anna's bed rather than on the sofa. There's a big confrontation in the cafe and Tim standing his ground and keeping Sally in her place. Tim forgave Kevin without hardly blinking an eye, which is kind of unfair really and Tim's called the wedding off. It's a bit of an overreaction, if you ask me

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