Friday, 30 October 2015

Is Aidan Connor the next Mike Baldwin?

(This post was originally posted by Michael Adams on the Coronation Street Blog in October 2015.)

I sincerely hope not. Shayne Ward's arrival back in August came with a rocky start; not only was he sporting that awful wallpaper-esque shirt, but he also joined the show when several controversial stunt castings were made.

From his bitterness with Fiz's absences to his demanding proposals with Carla, Aidan is certainly taking hold of Underworld, though I can't help but feel that Corrie are trying to fill an empty demographic, once held by the infamous Mike Baldwin.

Mike, portrayed by the legendary Johnny Briggs, ruled the roost at the factory under its multiple guises for best part of his 30 years on the cobbles, and undoubtedly he cannot be replaced.

They've previously attempted to fill Mike's boots with Rob Donovan, though unlike Baldwin, he had failed to have a healthy balance between being a harsh businessman and cheeky lothario, and writers swiftly converted him into the devious murderer with plans to stir up trouble wherever he goes, even whilst in prison, as we will learn in the winter. This balance is currently being forced towards Aidan, though sadly it isn't working.

However, I can see potential in actor Richard Hawley, who plays Aidan's ruthless father Johnny Connor. Although stern, it is evident that Johnny likes a laugh, and has a softer side to him.

I'm sure we'll have lots to see from the new Connor clan in the coming months, as Kate's girlfriend Caz arrives in Weatherfield, and Aidan makes his move on Eva.

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