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Sunday Comments October 25

These Sunday Comments includes the episode aired a week ago Friday.

The aftermath of the last few episodes sees David as cool as a cucumber, Kylie a bit haunted but poor Sarah a gibbering wreck. She ends up walking out of the pub yet again when Callum's mother comes looking for her and she brings her back to Number 8 for a ham sandwich. Her name's Marian and she tries to impress up on Kylie and Sarah as fellow mothers that she's just worried sick because Callum seems to have gone missing. When she tells them she's confident that Callum has turned his life around, David fills her in on many of the recent things Callum has done, including Max playing with a gun and seeing Callum beat up a neighbour. That's told her!

David ushers her out and slams the door on her but it isn't long until Gemma rocks up on the doorstep and she'll be harder to get rid of. She's not sure Callum's disappearance has something to do with the three Musketeers in Platt Towers but she thinks they can help her find him. Kylie apparently still has Callum's phone which she takes outside and uses to text Gemma. Not really a smart thing since the police can trace mobile phone activity fairly close to the location it was used and they're probably keeping an eye on that sort of thing. It puts Gemma off for the moment but it freaked Sarah out, not realizing initially the text came from Kylie.

Sarah is on edge, and anything sets her off. Tyrone and Billy's ghost stories were the latest thing. Sarah really has to find a way to bear up because she really seems like the weakest link in the chain at the moment which might actually mean she won't be the one to crack and let the secret out.

Sarah really is a nervous wreck. But doesn't she believe that David dumped Callum's body in the canal? Why would she be walking Bethany to the bus stop and back? There's no danger. The guilt, obviously, is wearing on her but aside from that. A body found in the canal really freaks Sarah out and you can well imagine it would. And... of Sarah goes again. Kylie's frantic trying to convince her that the canal body isn't Callum but then she finds out about the manhole which might have to be dug up again. Oh dear. Sarah mithers and mithers and threatens to go to the police. Has she done something fatal?

Meanwhile, Max is still having nightmares, poor kid. David is trying to convince him that Callum won't be back and now Max wants David to adopt him. What I don't understand is that before Callum came back into their lives, David was going to adopt and Callum's permission never came into it. Now it does?

Roy decides to ask Cathy on a date to the Bistro but she's late because she got sidetracked by Sharif in the community centre. It was sweet to see Roy getting his hair cut in Audrey's and then fixing his suit and pocket square, which has an R embroidered on it. Awwww. They're a bit of an odd couple but because she's a bit of an outsider, I think that's one of the reasons Roy feels more comfortable with her. It was like that with Hayley, too. Not quite mainstream.

Roy reckons he was stood up and leaves but Tyrone talked him into going back. Just in time, because she came in just then. Neither of them was all that comfortable in a nice restaurant and coffee back at the cafe was much more comfortable for them both.

A violin concerto is far more Roy and Cathy's speed rather than fancy restaurants. But when Roy realizes Ken needs a bit of cheering up, he asks him to go to the concert instead of Cathy and that was a very nice thing to do. Anna was a bit bitchy, hoping Cathy never found out she nearly got asked out and then got stood up. First of all, there's no reason for her to find out and second of all, so what? Roy did the right thing and it's not as if he asked Cathy and then reneged.

Sally's wallowing and Sally doesn't do things by halves. She makes a big dent in a big bottle of vodka and scarfs down not one but several large bars of chocolate, sobbing over a sad movie. Rita is determined to sort her out and if anyone can bully Sally back into fighting mode, it's Rita. She is right, too. Hold your head up high, Sally.

Tim didn't want to talk to her at all, though. He's upset Sally never told him about the kiss. But how do you tell someone something like that? But Sally has a plan. She's going to hold the wedding and she's counting on Tim showing up anyway. I'm not so sure about that. Sally's in full on mode, though so anything could happen. She even managed to talk Kevin into defending her to Tim. He did a good job but Sally should have stayed away. Once Tim realized she put Kevin up to her defence, it only steeled him further against her and he publically humiliated her even though he does still love her and she knows it. Will he turn up on Monday?

Sally seems to be going through her wedding day with a massive case of false hope and optimism. She went through all the motions, beautifying, getting dressed. It didnt' matter what anyone said to her, not Sophie, Rita or even Kevin. She was confident, at least on the surface, that Tim would show up. There she stood at the Bistro, which, by the way, looks way nicer than it normally does!! No other guests are there aside from the immediate family and Rita. Meanwhile, Craig is trying to be supportive and Kevin is telling Tim he's being a prat, and does he really want to live his life without Sally?

It didn't look good. Sally finally admitted to herself he wasn't coming. But guess what? Just before the registrar was going to leave and Sally was going to pack up, Kevin, Craig and Tim showed up. The wedding music is playing and Tim and Sally got hitched! I don't mind admitting I had a tear in my eye.

Fiz and Tyrone finally get the news they were hoping they wouldn't get. It's definitely cancer and Hope will have to have chemotherapy. And Hope wants to go to Lapland to see Santa there. Tyrone wants her to have that and booked it but with Fiz not working, and not being paid, it's going to be tight, financially. Fiz wants Tyrone to cancel it.

Yasmeen is at that angry stage of grief, especially now that she knows Tracy is responsible for Kal's death and the police don't have enough evidence to charge her with it. She might as well holler at her in the street instead. Zeedan isn't finding running the gym on his own very easy and it's starting to make him feel bad about himself. All he needs to do is ask for some help and by the way, doesn't Sharif own half? Why wouldn't he be helping on a regular basis? Yasmeen is now intent on private prosecution even if it breaks the bank but she has realized how it's affecting her family.

Aidan is getting a lot of calls and texts from his father and looking more and more worried. All the while, Carla is wooing a new client who even power walks up and down the cobbles to try out one of the bras. That's practical, I'd say. Anyway. It turns out that Aidan used his father's money to buy into Underworld. It was cash that his dad, Johnny, put in his bank account as a tax dodge, not expecting Aidan to actually spend it. Aidan's trying to defend it as an investment. Carla's pissed and so his his father and sister but he's determined to make it work.

And it turns out that Johnny's broke, himself because a woman got the better of him. That's why he's after this bit of cash, not just for Kate's wedding, either. But Carla has a contract and as a result, Johnny's barging in as another partner. Carla's still got majority but he wants to be part of the day to day running. Oh dear. Awfully convenient, Johnny Connor being a veteran of the rag trade. He's already networking on behalf of Underworld. And then getting his feet under the table in the factory, he's showing a few shades of Mike Baldwin.

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