Saturday, 17 October 2015

Goodbye Andrea Beckett - for now

(This post was originally posted by Ruth Owen on the Coronation Street Blog in September 2015, reposted with permission.)

In October 2013, I interviewed Hayley Tamaddon, who playsAndrea Beckett. Now, just a month shy of a 2 year stint, she will leave, newly pregnant, with Lloyd, in the live episode, to be broadcast on Wednesday 23 September.

I had such high hopes for the character Andrea Beckett, especially because the initial storyline entailed Andrea going all out to claim Steve MacDonald. You’ll remember that Amy was involved in a history project at school and her father couldn’t properly answer her questions. It was this inability to help, which steered Steve towards college and taking a course in history. In his class was Andrea and the initial storyline was that Andrea would become totally infatuated with Steve and would stop at nothing to claim him. Not Michelle, not Liz and not his mates would dampen her ardour. Sadly and most disappointingly, that storyline disappeared. After a bit of laughter and banter, accompanied by Michelle’s questioning as to who exactly Andrea was, and whether or not she was attractive, that plot was clearly sidelined.

Instead, what did happen, and this was quite unpalatable at the time, was that Michelle, with sidekick Liz, mocked Steve for trying to better himself. Michelle, in particular, treated him as an exasperating child, rather than the man who was her life partner. Maybe it was jealousy on Michelle’s part and maybe Liz sided with Michelle as she was hoping that Steve and Michelle would stick together. Michelle was particularly put out when she learnt that the green blouse Steve had bought her was purchased on a shopping trip with Andrea. Whatever the reason though, Michelle and Liz did themselves no favours at that time and they lost a few fans through their ignorance and ridiculing of Steve.

Had that original storyline gone ahead it would have caused some real upset and some terrific drama. If drama is conflict, as the great dramatists claim, then there would have been enough for all. Originally, Andrea was to dress like a femme fatale and to make it crystal clear to Steve that she wanted him. She was to flaunt herself in The Rovers and have an - ‘All’s fair in Love and War,’ attitude towards her attempt to ensnare Steve.

It’s such a shame that it did not materialize and instead we were granted dreary, confused, Neil and a steady (ish) relationship with lovely Lloyd; at least until she stole Lloyd’s prize record to flog, to help out the mysterious, never seen, Jess.  It is worth noting that Steve appeared to be a little bit jealous of Lloyd when he started going out with Andrea.
Just a quick note here too about Todd - I interviewed BrunoLangley who plays Todd, the same day as Hayley Tamaddon. Bruno stated that viewers would find out what had turned Todd bad; it was to something in ‘that London’ that had traumatised him, explaining why he had undergone a metamorphosis.

As far as I know, we’re still waiting…

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