Saturday, 20 October 2012

50 Shades of Corrie

Members of the Coronation Street cast have donated their underwear to a British artist who is using them in an exhibition to raise money for the British Heart Foundation.

Sian Doherty, who exhibits under the name Fanny Gogh, has had undies donated by a number of celebrities which she uses in her artwork.

Among the pieces she is showing in the soap's home city of Manchester is one entitled Fifty Shades of Corrie, which features the soap stars' scanties in a homage to raunchy best seller Fifty Shades of Grey.

Among the Coronation Street stars donating their knickers were the actresses who play Eva Price, Tracy Barlow and Sian Powers. Even Ken Morley, who played Reg Holdsworth, threw in some of his smalls for the cause.

Ken was quoted in The Sun as saying: “I was happy to support Fanny and the British Heart Foundation - an old string vest and my favourite thong were the least I could give her.”

Sacha Parkinson, who played Sian Powers in Corrie, was particularly keen to help out, adding: “My mum Leigh suffered from myocarditis on the left side of her heart and the heart care unit and Heart Foundation aided her recovery. The British Heart Foundation should be a charity close to all our hearts as you never know when a life-threatening problem might arise.”

You can bid to win the artwork here.

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