Monday, 8 October 2012

Corrie Canada Weekly Awards: Oct. 1 - 5

Liz McDonald makeup award: Kirk didn't have any trouble executing that deep wink with a supposed swollen and bruised "black" eye. Remember when Liz exaggerated the bruises Jim gave her with makeup?

Musical ambiance: Fiz and Julie grilling Beth to Heart of Glass on the jukebox. Ken reconsidering being the Chair to "I Can See Clearly Now"
Dead weight award: Karl is going to drag Sunita down. She's already nagging and he's  not really changed from the feckless fella he always was.

Contrived award: Jenna was incensed about Lloyd and chucks her mother out of her house so Mandy comes to see if Lloyd has seen her? Is she using him to cadge a place to live or just to tell him to stay away, too!

Good use of sound effects award: Kirsty got more and more worked up just as the kettle was coming to a boil and whistling loudly.

Are You New Here Award: Tyrone thinks Fiz will be just the person Kirsty wants to visit and help with the baby.

Be Careful What You Wish For award: Brian thinks getting Ken on the board of Governors will *solve* all his problems. I think his problems are just beginning.

Stalk Much award: Lloyd keeps coming at Jenna and Mandy. They don't know he's not a bad guy. She'd probably come to him in time but as it's a soap, we need to move along.

Pants on Fire award: Kirsty lied about seeing the councillor. Gloria said she was the landlady. One look at the name over the door will bust that lie. And she put on a classic Annie Walker posh accent. Beth lied about the attributes of her date.

Footwork Fail award: Rob reckons if they get the footwork right, the rest follows, just before Kirk trips over his own feet! Perfect!

Money talks award: Tina needs money and she needs it now. Or else. But she sees Tommy depressed and she thinks of her father.

BFF award: Fiz is really concerned for Tyrone. She's a good friend to him.

 Lines of the week:
Beth "She's only jealous because she's got to watch her waistline and I don't!" (I love a fat chick with confidence!)
Lloyd "Mandy was the love of me life" (along with every other girl you ever went out with)
Mandy "If you had kids of your own, you'd understand" Lloyd "And have I??!!"
Kirk "I'm not good at lyin' so I don't bother"
Gloria "I suppose Mount Everest is just a very big hill?"
Beth "You got any ideas of taking advantage of me?" Kirk "No.." Beth "There's still time!"
Brian "The vultures are circling, Julie."
Deirdre "If you ask me, that Jamie Oliver is not as Pukka as he thinks he is"
Gloria "My pub, my rules" (not your pub!)
Ken "She's the woman who broke up my marraige to Deirdre" (Yes but that took two if i recall?) and "Forget? Deirdre? Not ever!"
Beth "Our Craig looked like a spud when he were born" (he still does!)
Michelle "He might be my son but he's still a fella"

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