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Sunday Comments October 27

This is fecking brilliant. Tracy and Deirdre's double act, verbally abusing Ken. He doesn't have a hope in hell faced with those two slinging hooks and arrows at him non-stop! Deirdre is insisting he quit the board but Brian decided to poke his nose in where it doesn't belong, in between a husband and wife, all for his own selfish reasons. He reckons he can chaperone Ken and Wendy but he can't be with them all the time. I'm with Deirdre on this one. The Bessie Street school fayre has Ken sprucing up his shoes and Deirdre turning into a smokestack. Deirdre and Tracy are continuing their double act against Ken and Ken figures a pre-emptive strike is to invite Deirdre to the fayre. She made a beeline for Wendy for a girly catch up. That left Brian and Ken shaking in their boots. Deirdre is worried and insecure.

Rita reckoned her Dennis was quite the ladies' man in his day but he's ok now. Not that long ago he walked out on a wedding because he truly didn't love the woman. Not long ago Ken was about to sail away on a barge. I don't think either one has changed all that much and I think Deirdre has good reason to worry. Unfortunately, between Rita's advice, Brian's sulking and Ken's passive aggressive sighing non-stop she didn't think she had a choice and gave in, against her better judgement. I guess he'll be willing to put up with her constant suspicions and threats. She says it will be over for good if he succumbs to Wendy. It was good fun watching Deirdre shadow Wendy at the school fair along with Julie and Deirdre insulting her from afar.

Michelle really is not dealing well with Ryan and Tracy's relationship. Tracy must be absolutely delighted. And of course, with Tracy, she's going to push it and push it as far as she can and then push it some more to stick the knife in. You'll see. Things were not good between Michelle and Sally in spite of the apology but Sally does talk sense about how to deal with unruly kids. She's had a lot more experience at it than Michelle, that's for sure and it seems like Michelle is starting to listen and appreciate the advice.

Meanwhile, Tracy in her mid 30s is finding out that having a 20 year old toyboy still rampant with hormones isn't really as good an idea as she originally thought. He's all over her all the time and it seemed to be wearing thin! But she couldn't talk her way into the meeting with Ryan and Michelle to make sure the wedge was firmly in place so she played a trump card. She says she's pregnant! She can't be, it wasn't Steve that's done the deed! And that's a good way to make a 20 year old run for the hills! So Ryan is shocked and Michelle is raging. He looks like he's about to turn tail and run and he feels like it too. Michelle reckons Tracy is trying to trap Ryan. I reckon she's a big fat liar this time around.

Steve has certainly come back into a DMZ. So Michelle tells Steve to sort it. He certainly blew Ken and Deirdre's world up with the revelation and his idea is to offer to pay to terminate the pregnancy. Michelle is ready to blame everyone including Steve. If she really is pregnant, (which I doubt though she's doing a pretty good job of pretending if that's the case) after losing the twins, terminating the pregnancy is the last thing she'd want. It sure backfired. She didn't get the reaction from Steve she wanted. She tried to get Ryan to leave her, but was it just her being a martyr? Or is she trying to put that last knife in Steve and Michelle's back? Yep. You guessed it.

Rob is there again to pick up the pieces and Steve is not happy about that. Ryan, in a backlash to Michelle's anger, and after making sure everyone knew Steve tried to pay her off, thinking his mother knew about it, really struck out at Michelle, telling everyone she was pregnant at 15. Ouch. Michelle is also ticked off at Steve, as you would be, and Rob again is there. Did you see Tracy gloating at Steve triumphantly? Rob doesn't fancy Michelle, he's known her all his life but you know, soap law general shows that support through a difficult time ends up with new respect and growing feelings, you mark my words. Steve is right, though. Tracy only understands money. She wanted Steve to make it go away, what else would he do when it comes to Tracy? Michelle has seen what Tracy's put Steve through over Amy and knows Tracy will do that same thing to Ryan. She didn't want a relationship with Steve if Tracy was in the picture. Well she is, and Michelle threw Steve out.

Michelle bitches about not having any milk. She's the one up and dressed. Did she expect Steve to go  for some? She's blaming Steve for it all and really, he did the most logical thing. Tracy and Ryan went to the doctor to get her pregnancy confirmed. Hmmm... I'm still not convinced she's pregnant. She could easily have left him in the clinic waiting room. I am surprised Steve hasn't insisted on seeing the blue stick! She's sure quick off the mark to use it as an excuse not to work. LOVED Ken being sarcastic to Tracy about where she was going to live!

That gives Ryan a great idea. A spare room with a mate in Glasgow. Yes that will be so much better. Two adults, a child and a baby in a spare room. Is that really a good idea??? You can see Tracy's face showing a bit of dismay. And again, is there room for Amy? Apparently not so I guess Ken and Deirdre get to keep her. Tracy didn't waste any time reverting to her lazy ways, making Ryan carry every last ounce up the stairs and expecting Michelle to make her cups of tea. Tracy also started stalling Ryan, making sure they'll not leave until they're all sorted and organized first. Steve impulsively asked Tracy to move in with him and Michelle. You could see her face, "YES!!!"

Meanwhile, everyone is trying to untangle the family underbrush in the factory just when Ryan and Tracy show up. Michelle isn't happy about the potential move to Glasgow but you can also see Tracy isn't too chuffed either, planning to delay it as much as she can, from the sound of it. Ryan really does show up his immaturity. Steve is determined to make sure they don't leave with Amy. The family meeting didn't go so well and a lot of that was up to Michelle continually insulting Tracy. Bad move because it pushes Ryan even more towards Tracy. Steve made another dumb move. He asked Tracy to move in with him and Michelle. Tracy's face says "RESULT!"

I feel for Kylie. She wants more but can't see a way to it. Training at the salon seems to be out and her nail business seems to have fallen off. She could go to college to get qualified but wouldn't that cost money that she and David don't have? Especially if they couldn't even afford an expensive pair of footie boots for Max. Nice little scene with Kylie and Gail but i hope when Gail said Nick was the ambitious one, it's not going to give Kylie ideas about going after Nick. Kylie is still sulking about wanting a better job. Gail is wondering where Audrey is and Nick has had an unsettling phone call from Audrey. Meanwhile, Gail, Kylie and David are trying to keep the peace in the Bistro with a crowd of rowdy lorry driver wives, that was funny. Gail's effort nearly got her decked! What a hoot! Nick has offered Kylie a job and David is not happy but since he's not going to encourage her advancement in the salon, she's outta there. But after all the times Kylie's got drunk, danced on tables, upset the customers etc, would Nick *really* give her a job? I don't think so. 

It looks like Gloria's B&B scheme is going to work now that Stella is going to be out of the way over the weekend. I agree, too, that it's probably a secret judge because as she said, nobody knows they're a Bed and Breakfast aside from the competition people. It's got to be a quiet check. Gloria is knocking herself out preparing for this overnight guest. She's frantic that she will win those Selfrige's vouchers. The guest seems impressed on arrival at least. She didn't want him to relax in the bar because he might hear they really aren't a b&b and with Norris under foot, heaven knows what else he'd hear too! But oh heck, St. Ella's home early and busted Gloria! But she managed to hold Stella off, shouting that the guest didn't know that they knew he was not really a guest. You think he could have heard?

The B&B guest said Weatherfield was close to Salford. But last year Jason, who was born and raised in Weatherfield considered himself a Salford lad and Roy said his establishment was a Salford backstreet cafe. The fans objected strenuously and it looks like Weatherfield is back on the map in the place it should be. It was originally based on Salford and was assumed to "be" it for fictional purposes. I just never liked them saying outright that they were Salford though I can accept that Weatherfield is close to Salford. But Victoria Street and the pub are not in Salford. They are in Weatherfield. End of.  Seems like Gloria got away with the B&B scheme, with Stella going along with her mother. And she even said good things about Gloria and the pub to the judge before he admitted who he was. Now she's got to be on guard for a mystery drinker and having to be nice and polite all around. Dennis overheard Gloria talking about the mystery drinker and you could see the wheels turning, with the prospect of free drinks.

Nick has brought Audrey back and there's clearly a problem. It's already got her friends buzzing with curiosity after Rita and Dennis were more or less snubbed. Yes indeedy, it seems Lewis has done a bunk. He disappeared on the Eurostar. It sounds like something out of Agatha Christie. He obviously got off at Lille and did a runner. The question is, why? Everyone thinks he's let her down again because they never really accepted him completely and were always ready to assume the worst about him.

Now the order of the day is...where's Lewis? Last time he did a runner, he was about to be caught out. The neighbours are abuzz and Audrey has to run the gamut of the gossip.  Audrey put his photo in the newspaper and that's made the chickens come home to roost, and the Penny dropped. Audrey was sure he was going to have a very good explanation. Did she think Penny's explanation was good enough? Lewis nicked 10,000 of her savings after jilting her.

Penny's story sounded very much like Audrey's didn't it? Married to a steady man who died, met a smooth operator, suggestion of a new life abroad, all of it five years ago. She wanted to warn Audrey. But we do know that Lewis *appears* to have changed since meeting Audrey. Will she continue to have blind faith? Of course she is. One thing's for sure, the rest of Audrey's family won't believe it and they are not going to be able to talk her round. How can Lewis have put Audrey through all this? That's what it comes down to. And that does make Audrey think again. I can't help thinking though, down deep, she still thinks there's an explanation he'll come up with that she'll be able to accept. 

Norris is determined to spread as much of the limited gossip he managed to glean. Unfortunately it was only half-baked and wasn't very satisfying so he pushed and pushed when Audrey came to the party until she gave up, caved, and ran off with her tail between her legs. Just as they went inside, we spy Lewis driving a very expensive car, watching from across the road.

Mary's full of plans for a Russian night. I hope she's not planning that full up Cossack dance for entertainment. There's no room in the cafe to swing a cat let alone have a literal knees up but Kirk tried, from a chair! The vodka took its toll, with Beth and Julie getting giddy about their fellas and Fiz and Kirsty near daggers drawn. These nights are getting rowdier and most of the clientele seems to be just our usual suspects instead of non-residents now. 

Jenna is maintaining radio silence where her mother's concerned. Mandy's getting frantic. Jenna showed up finally and there's an armed truce for now. They were all going to have a takeaway but Jenna bottled out. Meanwhile, Lloyd has told Mandy that he still has feelings for her and that's making Mandy run a mile with Lloyd getting shot down in flames in her wake. Over in the factory, Beth mentions having been a model at one time and that's true, as far as the back story we know. Remember Steve, when he looked her up to ask her out to get back at Becky, he said she was a model when he knew her all those years ago.

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