Thursday, 4 October 2012

Lloyd's Daughter has arrived

Last night was the night when Lloyd's daughter turned up in Coronation Street.  Jenna is played by actress Krissi Bohn - and she's on twitter @krissibohner

Craig Charles, who plays Lloyd Mullaney on Corrie says this about Lloyd meeting his daughter for the first time. After Mandy lies and says she has no children, Lloyd's a bit surprised to turn up at Mandy's house only to find Jenna there calling Mandy "mum".

Craig says: "Yes. Lloyd thinks it's weird when this girl, Jenna, who's about 28, answers the door. The fact that Mandy's lied makes him suspicious and he starts asking Jenna a load of questions – like when was she born? He does a quick bit of mental arithmetic and he soon puts two and two together and convinces himself she could be his daughter.

"There's a big confrontation and it all comes out that Jenna is indeed Lloyd's daughter. It's a really bittersweet moment for Lloyd. He's excited, but devastated that he's been cheated out of being a father for so long. Mandy says she loved Lloyd, but Johnny, who was Lloyd's best mate at the time, was her rock. But it's a massive shock for Jenna. She's really angry that her mum's lied to her for so long and she leaves in disgust."

"He wants to get to know Jenna - she's his flesh and blood. But he makes mistakes by steamrolling in. I'd tell him to take it easy, don't be too pushy, don't try to replace Johnny and just always be there for her. But I don't think Lloyd would listen to that advice..."

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ksw said...

Hi - this part of the storyline was not shown on last nights episode. We just saw Lloyd meeting Jenna at the door. I assume this will be played out in tonight's episode (Tues Oct 2nd).
So just wanted to give you a heads up that this post was a spoiler :(

Tvor said...

aaaghh Sorry! I'll try to republish it for tomorrow

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