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An interview with Terence Maynard aka Tony Stewart, Jason's dad

(This post was originally posted by Ruth Owen on the Coronation Street Blog in July 2014.)

On Monday, 14th July, I set off from Sheffield on my way to Media City, a bewilderingly huge, though highly impressive space. I was here to attend a Press Round Table to interview Terence Maynard aka Tony Stewart, Jason’s dad.  

When joining Coronation street, Terence was told that his character should be ‘edgy’ – not gangster, that would be too much. So far, Tony has indeed been ‘edgy’ – he has a great interest in dodgy goods and in making a fast buck through any means he can. As we know, he is very keen on using Barlow’s Buys as an outlet for offloading the goods he seems able to magic out of thin air. 

Terence was very charming indeed at the Press Round Table event and was more than willing to answer our questions.

Terence was born in Liverpool and was brought up in Nantwich, Cheshire. He is an only child and has been living in London for the past twenty years.  He was just beginning to think that he would like to see more of his parents, still in Cheshire, who were not getting any younger. Then the call came from Coronation Street for him to have an audition as Tony, Jason’s father. Serendipity was clearly at work. He got the part and was in The Rovers filming, a mere two weeks later and is now living nearer to his parents.

Coronation Street is Terence’s parents’ favourite show, so they were thrilled that he had a part in a soap, which Terence says is in the family DNA.  Terence has a son aged eight, who compliments his dad’s performances and a daughter who is cooler in her praise but whose friends love the programme and his performances.

Despite Tony being  a man with an eye for the main chance , he is not a villain, more a lovable rogue,  but the truth is that Tony is one hundred percent
genuine in his bid to be a good father to Jason and to try to compensate for his absence over many years. So, all doubt is now removed. Tony is utterly determined to do whatever he can to give Jason a good life.

Interestingly, Todd is keen to impress Tony, part of the reason being that Todd has never had a dad.  An interesting dynamic develops between the three of them and we will see Todd join Jason and Tony in building a loft conversion for Tyrone, which ends in trouble for Tyrone.

Tony’s relationship with Liz is pretty solid, Terence says, so the fairytale advert in which Liz’s reflection changes to Tracy’s is not an indication of a new love affair, but a hint that Tony and Tracy may be doing ‘business’ together.

As most people know, Jim Macdonald will be making a return to the cobbles. Jim is in the Big House at the moment, and most generously, Tony suggests that Steve should go and visit his father, though Steve and Liz have doubts about the wisdom of such a visit. Tony is standing by his idea of commitment to family.

Viewers may remember the scene in the back room at The Rovers where Tony came across as very intimidating towards Steve, after Steve had been trying to warn Tony off Liz, Steve’s mother. Tony felt that Steve had overstepped the mark by interfering in his relationship and he confronted Steve telling him to keep out. Steve is quite a mild mannered person, but his father Jim is not. Interesting and no doubt fiery times ahead…

It may interest people to know that Terence is a trained dancer – jazz, tap, ballet – he can do them all. Sadly he may not have an opportunity to dance on The Street, but never say never.

Tony’s storyline is hotting up in coming weeks. Real drama and some troubled times will greet us in the forthcoming weeks and months. Oh yes!

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