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Blog interview with Corrie's Jenna, actress Krissi Bohn

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog August 2014, reposted to this blog with permission.)

Krissi Bohn, who has played Jenna Kamara on Coronation Street for almost two years, has now left CorrieJenna left the Street tonight in her final scenes, and with a huge amount of thanks, we have an exclusive interview with actress Krissi Bohn talking about her time on Coronation Street.

Who will you miss most at Coronation Street, who were your best friends there?
It's funny, it's not actually specific people I will miss (I can always see them outside of work) but it's actually the place. I'll miss walking onto the Street or into the Rovers to film a scene. I'll miss having lunch and a natter in the canteen, I'll miss walking over the bridge and seeing that huge Coronation Street sign and knowing I'm a part of that!  That being said I am probably closest with Cherylee (Izzy Armstrong) and Hayley (Andrea) out of the cast and then there is Laura McAteer who is now a 3rd Assistant Director. When I started she was a green room runner so its been great watching her progress through her career as well! 

Have you taken any souvenirs with you from the set?
Although I haven't taken anything from the set, I was able to choose any items of Jenna's that I wanted to keep. I've have the tops she wore in her first and last episode and of course I HAD to take my red apron!

What was it like to walk into the green room for the first time and meet the legends of Coronation Street?
I'd only ever done a couple of very short scenes in an episode of Law and Order UK before so I was more terrified about filming the scenes than I was seeing all these Corrie stars. I have to admit (don't shoot me) - I didn't actually watch Coronation Street properly before I got this role so I was still trying to figure out who people were! Of course I recognised Annie Kirkbride (Deirdre Barlow), Malcolm Hebden (Norris Cole), Bill Roache (Ken Barlow) and the older faces but I struggled with the newer people. 

Everyone was very, very friendly though and introduced themselves to me and made sure I was okay. I even got a hug off a lovely lady who said she was nervous too as she was quite new. It was only after she walked off and someone said: "Oh, you've met Sue then," that I realised it was the legend that is Sue Johnston! I was so nervous I hadn't even recognised her!

What's next for Krissi Bohn after Corrie?
I get asked that quite a lot and the honest answer is - I have no idea! My agent is busy putting me up for all sorts of roles in both TV and theatre. After that it is just a question of waiting to see if a casting director wants to see me and then if I good enough and of course if am right for the part. Coronation Street is an amazing platform for me as an actor, especially as I hadn't done much telly before but I still have to audition for roles like anyone else. I would love to get back on stage and do a nice piece of theatre but I would also love to do more telly. A nice gritty 3 part drama would be lovely! I am open to anything though. (if you are reading this casting directors get in touch!)

What would be your dream acting role either on stage or on screen?
It is not a particular character or anything but I would LOVE to be the lead in a crime drama or something like that. I love to be busy and that was one thing I missed in my time at Corrie. So the thought of being at the forefront of a drama with hundreds of lines to learn and lots of action would be amazing!

Jenna has not been killed off, would you like to see her return to the Street one day?
I'd love for her to return one day but I would want to make sure she doesn't just fade into the background! I think it would be lovely for her to come back with a partner (poor Jenna never got a look at anyone after Sophie!) and a couple of kids so that Lloyd could have some grandchildren!

Did you ever meet Fat Brenda in the green room?
I thought you might ask about her. I never me Bren face to face. It was wierd - she was always in at different times to me. There are always a couple of people you rarely see though!! I've heard she's lovely as long as you stay on her good side... We tweet each other every now and then though. I'll miss her now I've left.

What have been your highlights and most memorable moments from your time on Coronation Street?
19th September 2012 - The day my first episode was aired. I watched it with Pamela Nomvete (who played Mandy my mum) and I just spent the who half an hour screaming!
Filming whilst I was in plaster and on crutches. I spent the whole time kneeling on a stool so I looked like I was standing!
Meeting Christopher Dean and finding out he was as excited about meeting me as I was him as he's a massive fan of Corrie!
Walking down the cobbles for the first time.
Meeting fans outside the gate. It just amazes me how crazy people are about the show! (Special shout out to Meg & Em the lovely ladies who made @lovekrissib on twitter and put me together an AMAZING leaving book!)
Getting to know how a show like Corrie works. There are so many people involved behind the scenes that so such a good job and work so hard - I really had no idea!
Learning how to do my makeup! I was completely clueless about stuff like that before I start but now I can make myself look like a proper girl! I also now own a hairdryer - although I barely ever use it but still!
Making my husband (a huge red dwarf fan) massively happy and introducing him to Craig Charles!
I could go on forever....

You've joined the Corrie Tri Team, can you tell us about that and what they do?
Its my last Corrie related thing I'll be doing. There are around 40 crazy people taking part in the Salford Trialthalon on Sunday. They are from all areas of Coronation Street production. I am part of the actors realay team. I will be doing 750m openwater swimming, Ryan Thomas (Jason Grimshaw) will do the 20K bike and Ian Puleston Davis (Owen Armstrong) will be doing the 5K. We are all raising money collectively for St Mary's hospital intensive care unit who provide amazing care for premeture and very ill babies.  Follow them on twitter @corrietriteam

You ran the London Marathon last year for your charity - Children with Aids. On a scale of 1-10, how much did your feet hurt the next day?
Feet - 6. Knees - 1000000. I have never been in so much pain in my life. My whole body aches and I think I was filming the next day. It was hard trying to convince myself that "Jenna" hadnt run the marathon so I needed to look normal! Sadly the charity I was a patron of and did the run for has had to close its doors. They did such amazing work and I am so proud that the money we raised went towards the final grants given to families in need. The marathon was the hardest thing ever and I wouldnt recommend it to anyone. Yes the atmosphere was amazing but I reckon cheering people on is much more fun that doing it!! 

What's your favourite seat on the bus?
Used to be up top at the front. Now downstairs on the right hand side... And just incase anyone is wondering - Yep! I still get the bus! 

Will you continue to watch Coronation Street now you're no longer in it and can you enjoy it as a fan now you know what goes on and how it's made and all the behind-the-scenes technical stuff that goes into making it?
I think I will carry on watching it as now I know people involved both infront and behind the camera I will want to see what is going on!  It is very hard to watch it now knowing all the stuff happening behind the scenes - I'm always looking for mistakes!! 

When you read your script that said Jenna would be a lesbian and you'd end up kissing Brooke Vincent, what went through your mind?
"Does she have soft lips?" and "Oh ,she is rather young!" It was all very exciting but I had hoped that they would explore the Jenna / Sophie relationship more. Once they put us together it didn't go anywhere. I think the writers were right to split us up but I do wish Jenna had found someone else to have a flirt with! I only got to have one kiss!

Did you like doing scenes in Roy's Rolls? Is the food real?
I really enjoyed filming in Roys Rolls although trying to say my lines whilst making a bacon sandwhich at the same time is harder than it looks. Its bizarre because in real life you just do it but suddenly when you are being filmed you hands dont seem to work and you seem to be banging everything about!!
The food is real but depending on what time of day it is it could have been there for a while. The hot breakfasts are cooked by the amazing props team and are GORGEOUS when they come out fresh
It is difficult to resist if you are spending a whole day surrounded by chips and sausages and cakes... but I soon learnt that if you start you cant stop so better not eat any of it!! 

What's your favourite dessert?
I'd rather have cheese and biscuits but if I had to have one I'd like treacle sponge pudding with custard or my aunty's apple crumble with cream!

And finally...
I just want to say a final thankyou to all the people who have liked, disliked or been indifferent to Jenna over the last two years. People watching are what makes the show and your opinions do make a difference.

Of course there are some things I wish I could change about the way Jenna's time on the street went but ultimately I am just so proud and happy to be able to say I was part of history. There are so many people who will never get the chance to appear on this show and I was there for two whole years! Considering I only thought it would be 6 months I am a very lucky girl.

Thank you to the Coronation Street Blog for this interview. Since day one I have thought this was an amazing site and a great resource for Corrie fans - I hope you all realise how lucky you are having such an amazing site at your fingertips! Hats off to Glenda and the team for the time and dedication they put into this site!

Thank you everyone for reading,
That's me over and out.
Krissi Bohn

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