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Sunday Comments August 24

I'm glad we actually saw Carla tell Ken the news about Peter. So often these days we only see the aftermath, not the initial reaction which, in Ken's case, was his typical Deer Caught In the Headlights reaction. And then when he confronted Deirdre and lost his temper, well... you can't blame him for losing his temper. It didn't help that Deirdre defended Rob for offering an opinion.  And wait, did Ken ever get the house back after signing it over to Deirdre after the divorce all those  years ago? If not, he can't really call it his house. They probably did sort that out when they got remarried, I suppose.

Anyway, as usual, Ken did try to put words in Deirdre's mouth and she wasn't trying to turn it around and blame him, she just wanted him to know how *she* felt. And  yes, the longer it went on and she didn't tell him things, the harder it was to do it. But wow, she as much as told him to F-off and would have if it hadn't been a family show. Telling him to shut up? She never would have done that in the old days. It seems to have pulled him up short but he didn't apologize, did he? Just changed the subject. To Peter. She he gets to shout at her for having doubts about Peter's innocence. She's right. He wasn't there. And I wouldn't be surprised if he stayed away longer than he needed to even with Adam being ill. He did recover, after all and Ken has been spending time going to weddings and things (a family wedding. who's family?)

He didn't have problems getting through to Peter on the phone, though, and he got a visiting order pretty quickly. I think Simon is old enough to handle seeing his father in prison. Meanwhile, Peter's starting to crawl the walls, the withdrawal is getting to him and he's worried about seeing Ken. Aw it made my heart swell seeing Peter and Ken together and how Peter seemed hopeful once he knew his father believed him.

Simon decided to go see his dad but Rob isn't happy about it. He can't take the chance that Peter will put up a fight. Simon was really nervous about going to see his dad in prison and Leanne isn't sure she should let him go. Rob decided to undermine it by offering to take the kids to the zoo and Simon snapped that up. Laughed at Amy. "I don't like animals" she really is becoming her mother's daughter. Leanne shouldn't have given in. It was important for Simon to see Peter and it wouldn't have been as bad as he thought. Peter didn't take it well, as you would expect and it shot him down again.

Ken called him on feeling sorry for himself. And Ken is determined to prove Peter's innocence. Too bad Peter doesn't want anything to do with pleading guilty.

The upshot of it was Peter was fidgiting for a drink and was sent to The Landlord. He's Baaaack! The prison booze supplier is none other than Jim McDonald! What about ye!? I'm trying to figure out why Jim and Peter don't really know each other. I know Jim had been away most of the time Peter's been on the show but I thought they might have crossed paths now and then. Apparently not, though. Anyway, Peter gets a bit of booze and reels around drunk. He comes back begging for more on the day of his plea hearing but Jim won't give it to him. He's horrified that Peter isn't going to put up a fight if he's innocent as he says. He rightly points out what it's like to have your kids give up on you and it gives Peter something to think about. Ken is upset that Peter seems to be giving up but will he? 

It seems like Rob has actually come to like Deirdre but he looked a bit horrified when he realized that Ken will be backing Peter with a top solicitor. It's actually quite odd seeing Tracy be so kind to her mother in her hour of need. But never fear, she's not really changed. Now she wants to plan her wedding even though Peter's future is uncertain. She's picking a date before Peter's trial. That's going to help his morale, I don't think. She should choose a date after. At least he'll be able to go if he's free, but that's our Tracy. Insensitive to the end. 

Kylie is convinced Max's diagnosis is her fault. If it is environmentally caused, she might be right. She doesn't feed him properly and he certainly has experienced a lot of stress over his short life, much of which stems from her. But in addition, his father could have had it. She's decided a healthy diet will cure him. It can't hurt but it's difficult when Gail is undermining her feeding the child ice cream.

Tyrone and Fiz think they should convert the loft to another bedroom and Jason's going to do the work. Todd's flyers are drumming up a bit of business so that idea worked out. Tony didn't like the idea that Jason would do Ty's work for mate's rates. Tony realized Jason was digging his heels in and put Todd off.

I suppose there are other ways to make a profit. Todd decides one way is to scam Norris into thinking he needs a new roof but Norris doesn't buy it, pun intended. Norris went straight to Jason and threatened to go to trading standards and well he might even though Jason didn't have a clue what Todd was doing. His name's on the sign, though, and he'd be responsible ultimately. No more scamming the customers.

There are other ways. Tony's remark about using materials bought from a cheaper place hits home with Todd and he ended up getting cheaper quality as well as cheaper price. And pocketed the difference. He managed to divert Jason from checking the order but that didn't make much sense. He'd see the different materials when he went to do the actual job anyway. Even though Gary has noticed some of the materials aren't up to standard, Todd threatens his job if he says anything and the thicky bricky backs down which i really have a problem with. He is scared Todd will make sure he's fired when he knows damn well he's using inferior materials? I think this is going to come back to bite him.

Gail made me laugh, simpering with Michael and even if she doesn't think she was, the look on Audrey's face certainly contradicted that. Norris is still fussing over Rita, it sounds like. Laughed at Kirk, though, in a full on panic at the thought she was a hypocondriac because he didn't know what it was.

Oh look, the little band of merry men and women from Number 5. we haven't seen them for awhile. I thought Sinead was selling on the market? I guess not. But Chesney has connections, why can't she get a stall? Now she's going to try making bath bombs but Beth wasn't willing to wait for Sinead to test them properly and came out in a rash. If she's in the medical centre banging on about it being an emergency, why didn't she just go to the emergency department at the hospital? And where was Deirdre? I thought she worked at the medical centre?  I hope Chesney didn't leave the shop closed all this time. I think it is more likely Beth is allergic to one of the fruit extracts in the bomb rather than the thing itself. It really scared Kirk, though. Now he wants to ask her to marry her!

He's such a romantic! He is persuaded to propose in a low key way after all the other proposals she's had in her life. Fair enough, but he wants the ring to be "high" key and comes back with a rock the size of the Hope Diamond so you know it can't be a real diamond. But awww bless him, he even asked if it was ok with Craig!

Lloyd is a real miseryguts these days. He seems like he wants to talk to Andrea and might even be upset she's not tried to contact him but he did insist it was over. Steve is trying everything to get Lloyd cheered up. I think he should just let him be. You don't get over heartbreak that quickly. Andrea's disappeared. So? Guaranteed to make Lloyd worried in spite of himself. I wouldn't be surprised if it was just a ploy by Neil. It wasn't.

But one message from Lloyd and Andrea comes running, hopeful he might forgive her. That was all she needed, that first step and she's all over Lloyd again like a rash. And that's all they needed, much to Jenna's fury and nobody else is going to be happy they're back together either. Especially Neil who's apparently been stalking her, staking out Lloyd's flat. I had a feeling he came to Lloyd on purpose to see if this would happen. In any case, Andrea's moving in, Jenna's not happy about it and Neil gets more and more pathetic each day.

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