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Sunday Comments August 31

Yasmeen certainly took over at the cafe didn't she? Did Roy agree to a children's story time at 5 p.m.? Seems a bit late. Isn't that teatime for children? I suppose it's the only time the cafe isn't busy, nearly closing time. It did make for a bit of chaos with other customers still there. And if she was holding storytime there, why on earth would she foist one of the kids off on Beth? Looks like she didn't get Roy's permission, either. Yasmeen is going to take over the cafe if Roy doesn't put his foot down.

And amid the chaos, Kirk was trying to propose to Beth. It didn't go well. Kirk was coerced into reading a story to the kids and then Beth landed on her backside. Guess the proposal isn't going to happen tonight. And I was right, it's a "diamondette", that big stone but I reckon Beth won't mind. The next effort, Kirk overspiced the paella. Disaster 2 Kirk 0

And because he's been so distracted, Beth thinks he's actually gone off her or doesn't want to go on the holiday. She's determined not to let him go and pulled out all the stops. And wow did she ever clean up nice but that effort went south too because the Bistro was booked. Disaster 3 Kirk 0. Then Kirk has the bright idea to put the ring in the kebab and she threw it out. Disaster 4 Kirk 0. In the end, he knelt in the rubbish and proposed. Awesome! I'm loving a Kirk and Beth storyline, so glad we've seen more of them!

And that board that Gary said was inferior was for a floor? And he didn't raise the alarm? If it was wall board, you might get away with it but not something that's got to bear weight. Even Tony realized it wasn't the right boards but Todd lied to him, too. Oh that board? No it's for a different job, because Tony doesn't know Todd bought cheap and pocketed the difference.

Jim's words must have sunk in to Peter because he put in a plea of not guilty after all, for Simon's sake. Everyone but Rob was happy with that!  There's no patience for Peter, and Jim's advice is falling flat. Jim isn't a fountain of booze, it's not something that's going to be easily available.

Peter's in pretty bad shape, though Jim is enabling him isn't he? But he wants something in return. Jim reckons if he does manage to supply Peter, Peter can return the favour. First. A biscuit and the biscuit comes first but Peter couldn't even get that right. Still. That little bit of booze Jim gave him got him totally paralytic and I thought Peter had more stamina than that. It really must be the strength of moonshine, that stuff. It's also probably why the withdrawal is even worst than usual. Well it didn't last long because he begged more booze off Jim to steady himself to see Simon. Leanne looked pretty suspicious, recognizing signs.

Back at home, poor Deirdre is in a state, worried about Peter. At least Ken is back to do the shopping and help around the house which is something Tracy would skive out over. Tracy and Leanne both think a break is a good idea but really, though Leanne recommended it for Ken, I hardly think the stress has built up so much so quickly that *he* needs one. He's only been back a week and it was clear that at least the last few months of the time away wasn't worry and upset over Adam.

Ken's solution is to take Deirdre on a holiday. She wants the Maldives. He suggests camping. CAMPING? When on earth has Ken Barlow ever been interested in the great outdoors? Deirdre certainly isn't but it's true, she does need a break. Great shot through the back window of the caravan. The open road would have a lot more appeal to Deirdre if it was in Spain or Italy. It only goes to show that Ken never really did have a clue. Tracy urged her mother to go with it so she and Rob have the house to themselves.

The camping trip was really quite funny. Deirdre's camping outfit (red shirt!) was ludicrous and Ken was as pompous and officious as he could possibly be until he made a fool of himself talking Welsh to some  hikers, assuming because they were in Wales they were Welsh. Deirdre pointed out that he, too, was in Wales. Doh.

Does Neil really think that a year away in the Phillipines is enough to lure Andrea back to him? He's getting more and more desperate. Jenna isn't giving in to Andrea at all. The little threesome at the Bistro didn't go over very well and Neil's texts kept interrupting. He paid absolutely no attention to Lloyd insisting Andrea was done with him  and then he's crying on the phone to her.

Jenna is really against Andrea, too. Sophie's advice to live her own life hit home and she actually had a nice conversation with Andrea about Andrea's situation. In the space of a few hours, Jenna decides to move away, found a place to go, quit her job and leave. I wonder if she even told Roy she was going? Poor Lloyd is upset but he's not losing his daughter, after all. I'll miss Jenna. It's too back they never did much with her character.

Nobody actually thought Neil was really going to leave, right? He's determined, oblivious and focussed entirely on winning her back whatever way he can, memories, changing his ways, begging. Nothing she or Lloyd says seems to be making a dent. He's deliberately being obtuse. Ok, he's had a shock and never saw it coming but really, this isn't the way forward.

I totally do not buy that Michelle would offer to help plan Rob and Tracy's wedding. She might be doing it for Rob and to get the event planning business off the ground but she hates Tracy and has more reason than most to want to keep as far away from her as possible. Tracy wasn't very impressed that he gave her the job.  The idea of ordering Michelle around was appealing but payment was not. Rob bit her head off which didn't go unnoticed by Michelle or Carla who can't understand why all this business about Peter is irritating Rob so much.

Gail knew Kylie didn't want Max to have sugar and junk food but she gave him ice cream anyway. It wasn't Michael's fault and in this instance, I'm on Kylie's side. The healthy eating might not cure Max but it can't hurt him either. Kylie took full advantage of Gail offering to help by trying to get her to mind Max another day after the first one. Ah but Gail has plans with Michael which didn't go over well with David and Kylie but the pair of them are so cute together, aren't they? All giggles and simpering and smiles which is nice to see on Gail for a change. 

The date didn't start off very well with Gail ending up on her backside on the cobbles. It didn't look like Michael hit her, more like she tripped on the curb but I could be wrong. Chuckled at them having their picnic in the hospital waiting room. Unfortunately, the long wait times meant Michael missed his curfew. It only gives David more fuel. Ah but Maybe Michael really is the right man. After all, he's not afraid to cry at sad movies! Wasn't that awesome!!

I see Nick's temperment hasn't improved any. How to win friends and influence people. Not. Dev has sympathy but Leanne doesn't. I like that Kal still had the dignity to help Nick with the alarm code and that he knew Leanne's birthday. Nick's bad day got worse and worse. And Nick? Listen to Dev! Boy, I'm glad someone FINALLY told Nick to keep the arguments out of the Bistro and I'm glad Steph told him off, too. I can't imagine why they even have any customers left after the tradition they've built of making it a battle zone.

I loved Audrey, Nick's gran, bucking him up and supporting him like grans do. At least it looks like Audrey might be the first one to support Michael. But Nick's soothing from his gran didn't go very far. Nick has now descended from being a "Dick" to being an even worse D-word. Did he really have an episode or was he faking it? Yep. Faking it. Odd seeing David the sensible one isn't it? Well to a point. He didn't tell on Nick, did he? Leanne was suspicious, too, with the timing of it all. Doesn't matter that Nick is still playing up, she doesn't buy it.

Carla's buying a new flat. I did wonder about that. I thought she'd sold the old one and was surprised she was still living in Peter's but it sounds like she's making plans. Wonder where? Victoria Court perhaps? Kirk believes unicorns did exist, they just went extinct! Leanne's going to work in the kebab shop because Dev is shorthanded. What happens when Chesney comes back from  holiday?

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