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Sunday Comments August 17

Nick will lose his business if his attitude towards his staff and his customers continues as it has. He treated Steph very badly, making her work all day and then an evening shift as well. She was only trying to help with advice and he was just vile. I do like that Steph stands up to Nick as young as she is. Nick did apologize at least. But when he went to apologize to Gail he saw something he didn't like.

Gail is definitely getting warm and fuzzy about Michael and if he is who he seems to be, he's above board and a very nice man. Aww his favourite ice cream is rum and raisin. My dad's favourite, too! Well, there was a little kiss, with nice romantic music and Nick saw it and lost his rag and vindictively damaged the ice cream van. He had a tantrum like a child and went all Basil Fawlty with the shrubbery, too!

Gail knew darn well it was Nick that caused the damage. Audrey is a bit skeptical due to Gail's track record, fair enough but at least she's not going to chuck rocks. Audrey is mediating between Nick and Michael. Nick is going to pay damages and Michael won't press charges. Nick really is acting spiteful and childish. But in the end, maybe Gail is feeling that Michael's feelings for her are wrapped up in his feeling guilty about breaking into her house and maybe she just thinks it's too complicated, with her family causing trouble and her stuck in the middle. I hope this isn't the last we see of him. I think they had a lot of chemistry together. Fat lot of gratitude she got from Nick.

I love Gail's campaign of sarcasm with Nick. Michael is still in the picture as he's working in Streetcars so I expect they'll get back together. I see Gail and Michael are still on speaking terms even though she didn't want to get any closer to him. Wonder how long that will last? 

Anna sees the rumours about Faye and blamed Craig but should have known he's the last person that would have been involved in that. Beth was really nice to Faye over it, though. But Faye really doesn't want her mother involved. That's typical of course. Even Tim couldn't get through to her. If Anna was smart, she'd be keeping an eye on the social media sites and checking up on this.

Rita has enough doubts still and has not really got most of the trust back in Dennis. Norris' accusations, which this time were true, did the job they were intended to do and she threw Dennis out completely. Poor Julie got caught in the middle. She is a romantic soul and I do think Dennis wasn't using Rita as a meal ticket. Julie's heartfelt words almost turned Rita's mind around but Dennis smacked Norris and pulled money out of the till and Rita saw it. That's it. Over. Bye Dennis.  Nice little reminiscing before he left, though, over the name carved in Number 11.

The news is all over the street in no time of course and Julie probably had as much to do with that as Norris who is very protective of Rita in times of crisis, especially when he was the cause of it.

Maddy and Sophie have taken over with Simon where Tina left off. Sounds like Simon's voice is getting ready to change. Why does he still need a babysitter? Sounds like his voice is even starting to drop, for heavens' sake. And what the hell? Talk about devil child, when did Amy morph into Tracy? Causing trouble, fake tears and lying? Mind you, it's not that surprising but still...They keep referring to Eccles being sad or upset. The dog is quite old by now, I have a feeling we're going to lose her before long.

Maddie really seemed to connect with Simon and his problems, even more than Tina did, I think. Rob tracked down the man that ended up with Uncle Albert's medal and they managed to get it back from the woman who was an obsessive collector, from the look of it, and a hard bargainer but Rob gave in, behind Tracy's back because he knew getting the medal back was the right thing to do.

Sophie was great at defending Maddie in the early days, what happened? She knows Amy was nasty to Simon and she knows Maddie didn't do the things Amy accused her of doing so there was no need to back down like she did.

Yasmeen wants a sit in. Roy's not so sure it's a good idea because he's very non-confrontational. Mary thinks he's giving up and that seems to have inspired Roy. That and a little sign from Hayley from the beyond, a note discovered. (Nice continuity there, you could hear the ice cream van music while he was in his flat) 

The sit in begins and Emily is joining them like the old campaigner she is. Mary's excited about it, hopeful for more than just a peaceful sit in. Even Craig is going to join the crusade. And I laughed out loud when Yasmeen took a selfie of the little band of merry protesters!! It didn't exactly go viral. And the protest kind of shrunk up over the evening but Yasmeen was determined to stick it out and corralled Roy into staying too. And I think Roy won that argument with Hogwash!!!

The selfie hit the newspaper, as intended and Sharif is not happy about it. Sounds like history repeating itself. Meanwhile in the library, Yasmeen's determination is doubled and tripled. Loved the philosophical discussions between Roy and Yasmeen about marriage and coupling.

The council is having a meeting to appeal the closure  and there's going to be an appeal. Roy and Yasmeen managed to iron out their difficulties. Roy again astonished me with his beautiful words about Hayley and remarriage. But sadly, in the end, the library caught fire. Awfully coincidental if you ask me.  If Roy is going to set up a little library in the cafe, I can't imagine where. That place is tiny already. I think he should rent the old butcher shop for it!

Ken's back and thinks nothing has changed. I take it that's irony. If someone actually listed all the things that have changed, in addition to all the things that happened to Peter, he'd be on the next plane back to Canada. And why oh why do these people think that coming home on an earlier flight is a great way to surprise people? Deirdre stalled and put off telling Ken until she had to run after the dog and it came down to Carla to fill Ken in. All he had finally been told by Deirdre was that Peter had a relapse on the booze and Carla left him but it seemed like he believed Peter had it under control again. Guess not!

Ken reiterated to Deirdre that he doesn't trust Rob. I've heard comments that people think Ken has suddenly changed his opinion but think back, Ken was the one that likened Rob to Mike Baldwin and he was like that when he was first running the factory. Ken didn't like him then and of course has no reason to change his mind at this point. He'll be more likely to be more suspicious of Rob's agitation, I think.

Peter does have it under control now. Or at least, he's dry since he's behind bars. I bet the withdrawal is starting to kick in though. He's grumpy and depressed and those old abandonment issues are come back 150%. Not a word from his father (he doesn't know why of course, but we do) and his kid hates him.

Ooh did you notice, the bus came down Coronation Street proper before turning on to Rosamund. It never did that before. Always came from the Rosamund Street straight on before but the new set has more room on the roads for vehicles now. Mary didn't seem to be so  happy that Roy has a new friend, female at that. Kylie wants to know who told on them for taking Max out of school. I should have thought it was obvious since he wasn't in class the last week or so before school let out for summer. Did David have Gail call Max in sick for that week? Todd is upping the smarm factor with that slick hair and brown nose suit. He reckons it gives the business a bit of respectibility. He just comes across like an ambulance chasing solicitor. He did manage to get a roofing job for Jason though he wasn't trying as hard as he pretended. Tony caught him shoe shopping on the net! Adam was in hospital for at least 6 months but we never did find out why.

David and Kylie are back and there's most definitely something going on with Max who is completely out of control. It does seem unusual that a child that was so quiet and un-hyperactive up until a few months ago suddenly get overcharged. I've known children with ADHD and it was obvious from the time they're 3 or 4. It doesn't break out overnight like the measles. Having said that, aside from appalling acting from young Max, the storyline itself, how David and Kylie cope, will be interesting.

Right now everyone just thinks it's a child's high spirits but deep down Kylie does recognize that Max is not normal. David really is growing up and acting really responsible with his little family. Kylie is really scared that it's caused by his unfortunate start in life but it's not about that. She's still in denial but he won't feel isolated. A lot of kids have ADHD these days.

Kylie and David have Max at the doctor's office and he's still burning off energy. Kylie is defensive and thinks it's all her fault for the bad start in life she gave him but the doctor is watchful and says the symptoms sound more like ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder). I have no problem with the diagnoses. I do have a problem with the fact that it seems to have come out of nowhere practically overnight and it doesn't work that way. There would have been signs of it in that child even when we first met him at the age of 4.

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Anonymous said...

Tell the producers that Toronto is not noted for its "Maple Syrup", the gift Ken brought back, but actually Quebec is the producers of it.

& we are supposed to be part of the Commonwealth & this is what they think of Toronto. Typical arrogant Brits.

Anonymous said...

I thought the same thing about the sudden onset of Max's ADHD, so I went online and found this:

If you remember, Max had a fever awhile back, which was briefly mentioned. Apparently PANDAS - Pediatric Autoimmune Neuro-psychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcus can be triggered by a strep infection.

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