Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Ken 'n' Aud

(This post was originally posted by Clinkers (David) on the Coronation Street Blog in April 2015.)

I've not felt the need to blog of late due to a spell of seemingly 'beige' storylines from Weatherfield. Owen finally departed that dismal flat, presumably having wearied of Anna's continual screeching of "Hiya" every time she enters stage left. I've cared not a jot about the House of Gail and the eternal going-around-in-circles of her family, never learning. Sarah and Bethany have been a breath of fresh-ish air but the lifespan of ditzy daughter and ditzier mother will probably be short.

The only story that has managed to raise an eyebrow's worth of interest is the nascent friendship between Ken and Audrey. This arrived apropos of nothing whatsoever but the mere suggestion of a new double act is always worth investigation. Of course, the whole situation was born of Anna Karenina, or rather the weighty tome that Ken hurled at Aud as an alternative to her regular stash of Barbara Cartlands. Although Tolstoy's epic wasn't for Audrey, maybe a friend nearer her own age might be.

For thirty six years, Audrey has been a part of Corrie life. Initially flighty and, if we're being honest, a bit tarty, the hopeless, hapless Miss Potter eventually found her feet thanks to Alfeh and a set of sponge rollers, thanks to the salon. Yet Audrey's life is an odd one. Seemingly she has no real friends and spends most of her time bobbing through Gail's front room door in an M & S mac in order to emit the Audrey Roberts Noise (stick that in the You Tube search engine and enjoy). Either that or she is salon-bound and ordering Maria to make a beverage for a client with an improbable name, "Now then Maria, have you offered Mrs Bumsthwaite a coffeh? Eh? Mm?"

Ken too seems to be devoid of any close friends. There used to be Roy but since Hayley's death and Ken's time in Canada, this seems to have fallen by the wayside. In addition, as viewers, we are in possession of the knowledge that within a few months, Deirdre will be gone forever. This will be a tough time for Ken and he will need his friends around him. Which makes you wonder about the careful positioning of Audrey. Incrementally, she has been introduced to Ken's circle and in her, he has found a new friend. Hopefully, in Ken's darkest hour, Audrey will be there so offer support.

Personally, I think this could be a cracking little storyline. Recently in the UK, there has been some media coverage concerning the issues caused by loneliness in old age. Neither Ken or Audrey are exactly doddering but two friends looking out for each other would provide a positive narrative set against the relentless misery of some other storylines. To paraphrase the theme tune of another soap, maybe this is the time when good neighbours become good friends.

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