Friday, 8 May 2015

State of the Street - April 2015

There's been a lot packed into this past month, hasn't there? Faye had a baby, Owen and Katy left town, Sarah and Bethany returned. Callum is still badgering David and there doesn't seem to be an end to this tedious storyline. I'm hoping Kylie will kick some backside when she returns and I'm looking forward to that! Sinead has come home and Chesney is still looking miserable. Carla and Nick seem to be circling around each other. More and more people are finding out that Gavin is Andy and Michael will likely be the last to know.

Gail married her fifth husband in her sixth wedding. We all wonder if she's going to dig into the trunk of widow's weeds if Michael keels over in shock when he finds out about Gavin. That's inevitable, the finding out bit. The keeling over bit is yet to be discerned.

Tony and Tracy have begin their takeover bid to be masters of the backstreet pub. Please don't let this happen! Something has to happen to out the whole scheme in time to save the pub from a fate worse than death! In one of my favourite storylines, Jenny Bradley is starting to come slightly unhinged around the edges but nobody but Sophie can see it yet.

All this and more on this month's State of the Street.

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