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50 years of Corrie in 50 days - 2008

(This post was originally posted by Sunny Jim on the Coronation Street Blog in 2010, reposted to this blog with permission.)

Day 48 of our 50 day countdown of Coronation Street - written by blogger Sunny Jim.

The Duckworths were finally ready to retire and had put down a deposit on a house in their favourite seaside resort, Blackpool. With the sale of no. 9 to Tyrone and Molly agreed everything was in place for the move. Vera sat in her favourite chair and flicked through the estate agent’s details with Jack, working out what they’d be taking with them, and where it would fit in the new house. Thirsty after a day in Blackpool measuring up, Jack nipped out to the Rovers for a swift pint. When he got home, Vera was sleeping peacefully in the chair where he’d left her. Surprised that she hadn’t got his tea ready, he walked over to her and asked if she was ok. There was no response. He touched her hand and realised that she’d gone and softly he began to sing to her: ‘If you were the only girl in the world…’

He’d tried to ruin his sister’s wedding, terrified his mother by sending cards from her dead husband, attempted to kill his future brother-in-law and endangered the life of his niece by storing ecstasy pills in one of her dolls. Bad enough you’d think but things took a turn for the worse when David Platt found out that his girlfriend had had an abortion and that his mother had helped her. He went upstairs to pack his things ready to leave while Gail desperately tried to explain that it was Tina’s decision and tried to stop him leaving. On the landing he pushed his mother and she fell headlong down the stairs smashing her head against the wall. David left her for dead but she got taken to hospital and eventually recovered but the last thing she remembered was having an argument with Jason Grimshaw who initially got the blame.

Audrey began to suspect that David had a hand in his mother’s fate and so he pressured Tina, who felt guilty over the abortion, to provide him with an alibi. But when Gail started to regain her memory, Tina realised it was wrong and dumped David. Gail confronted him and he went on the rampage, smashing windows up and down the Street and was arrested. At the police station he confessed to everything and insisted that he should be locked up for his own good. He was sentenced to four months in a Young Offenders’ Institute where he struck up a friendship with arsonist Graeme Proctor.

Also in 2008: Liam Connor marries Maria Sutherland; Dylan Wilson born; Gail’s father, Ted Page, turns up; Leanne Battersby torches restaurant for insurance; Tony Gordon victimises Sunny Jim; Victoria Court built; Windass family arrive; Carla Connor and Tony Gordon marry; Tony arranges Liam’s murder; Peter Barlow returns with his son, Simon.

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