Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Over the top Corrie character introductions

In a comment posted on Coronation Street Blog, regular blog reader Humpty Dumpty mentioned that she hoped Gloria wouldn't become a pantomime character and pointed out the softer side to other characters such as Blanche. Other commenters have taken against Gloria who seems to be very "full on" so far. She does seem to be excessively full of sarcastic/funny/rude one-liners and she's only been on our screens for a week. There are hopes that she'll soften over time, reveal more vulnerable aspects and turn into a more rounded character.

That's probably exactly what will happen. This has often been the case in the past. A new character is introduced and seems very over the top and in your face, no matter what type, or stereotype they're meant to convey. Eventually, as the actor gets used to the character and adds their own spin on him or her and the writers see how they do it, the dialogue gets more depth and the character becomes more complex. If a character really catches the audience's imagination, then the producer will allow and develop more background which all adds to the mix.

Who knew when feckless Eddie Windass first appeared on our screens that he would be a creative and talented baker? Volatile Becky Granger was also fiercely loyal to those she loved and ached to be a mum. Owen, at first, was an out and out nasty piece of work. He's still a bit of a bully but we can also see a more tender and understanding side. Well. Sometimes.

A few characters over the years never strayed very far from their initial personality. Les and Cilla both really remained cartoonish but on rare occasions could show a bit of depth. Bubble headed Candice and Celeb-wannabe Rosie never really got much deeper than a sheet of paper but they both developed into great comic characters. Current character Eva seems to be following in their stillettos.

Audrey Roberts was most definitely a flighty, selfish woman but over time has grown into a very layered character. Most famously, Roy Cropper first appeared as a bit of a creepy stalker. You would never guess that now.

So, those of you that are finding Gloria to be a bit one dimensional at the moment, may we suggest giving the writers and the actor time to find her feet and her direction? I think Sue Johnston will do mighty things with the character and the writers will rise to the challenge. First impressions, as a general rule of thumb, tend to mellow, on Corrie.

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