Friday, 14 September 2012

Shobna's Lovelife Could Be Improved

Judging from an interview in the People today, it sounds like the lovelife of Shobna Gulati isn't all that far off from Sunita's rubbish relationships. She admits she's not been very lucky picking the right man and recently found herself single again after another man let her down. Shobna would only say "It was more about what he wanted to get out of it, with me being in Corrie." Don't you hate when that happens? I'm sure a lot of celebrities find themselves in similar situations.

Shobna admits she thinks she's never really been in love though has loved her boyfriends after a fashion. But she may have learned one lesson, when you hear those mental alarm bells going off, pay attention. She still believes in finding that figurative Handsome Prince and love at first sight and says she's got a childlike nature. Hmm..

She talks about her current storyline, Sunita's affair with Karl Munro and says it has improved her popularity and made Sunita more human, more real. I'm not sure where she's getting that from but Sunita certainly has changed. There's also mention of the upset over Twitter where she was subjected to racial abuse and more. She says "It's bullying and you shouldn't stand for it, not in your relationships, in your life or on Twitter. I don't do social networking because it brings back school bullying memories." It's too bad, because she did like the interaction with true fans.

I've always liked Sunita and Shobna herself is quite a sparky personality. I've seen her in an "Evening With.." type show here and she really had the crowd in her hand.

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