Sunday, 23 September 2012

Sunday Corrie Comments Sept. 23

Tommy's ok, but has a broken leg. Now he can't work and is going to have to pay back the owner of the pizza van. How much  more debt can he shoulder? More and more Tina's blaming it all on Kirsty. Well she's got a point but Tommy was the one stupid enough to trust Terry in the first place and get tangled up with Rick. Kirsty's definitely antagonizing things and nobody believes Tina. And wasn't she a bitch when Lloyd told Tyrone about Tommy's accident, insisting that Tyrone doesn't express any real concern.

Tommy's back from hospital (on his birthday no less) and being situated in their flat. Making Tina promise to turn the other cheek is about as useless as a chocolate teapot. Now they have to move out. They're giving Jason a mouthfull of attitude but come on, it *is* his flat and he *has* been trying to sell it for 2 years. Tyrone made an effort too, being nice to Tommy and letting his repayments slide for a bit. They shook hands on it and seemed to make friends again.

Sure enough, Kirsty waltzes into the pub and starts digging in and pushing all Tina's buttons and she tried, she really did but it lasted all of 5 minutes. She hollered, ranted and raged and then scuffled and pushed Kirsty. Her water broke right there in the pub. Now it's all Tina's fault. And yes, it really is. She can't learn to keep it buttoned. Getting into even a slanging match with someone that far pregnant was a bad thing let alone a physical struggle. After he thought he'd made it up with Tyrone, Tommy was far less inclined to support Tina and rightly so and the whole neighbourhood has now thought even less of her than before!

Tina really is obsessed. I know Kirsty is pushing her, and I know she knows that Kirsty is unstable, but she's got to gain a bit of persepective too. All this is going to end up with Tina's own life in ruins and Kirsty really will be the winner then. But Tina just can't leave it alone can she? She tried a peace offering with a big teddy, spending money I thought they didn't have,  but Kirsty and Tyrone both wouldn't have it. It wouldn't be so awkward if it wasn't true, about Kirsty abusing Ty.

Tina can't imagine how much worse her life could get. Well duh. I know Kirsty is a bad un and Tina feels like everyone is against her not Kirsty. Knowing what she knows, she's frustrated and Kirsty pushes all her buttons on purpose but she needs to grow up and step back and bide her time. Everyone now thinks Tina's paranoid and lying and making up stories. Time will prove her right, of course and she needs to realize that. I'm surprised that Rita doesn't offer to loan them the money to pay off Kirsty but i suppose one loan to pay off another isn't a great idea.

Anyway, Tyrone is like a dog with two tails now he's got his new baby girl. Natalie Gumede did a great job in the birth scenes and Tyrone made it there for the final push. Just like when Molly had little Jack. He's starting to make a habit of this! Baby's cute, got almost as much hair as Kirsty!

Stella's mother Gloria has appeared and has been thrown at us full on. She's got no tact, she's got a wicked tongue and it feels like she's meant to be a Blanche replacement. So far, so good. She's quite different from St. Ella. I don't think "Saint" is in her personality, do  you? Gloria seems to have a soft spot for Karl too in spite of whatever Stella told her and she's set about trying to get them back together right away even though she'd smacked him one first. That went over like a lead balloon, as you can well imagine.

She was nervous to meet Leanne, her granddaughter. I bet Leanne was more nervous! I suppose Gloria was around some when she was born but if so, why did Stella not take the baby with her and leave her with Gloria? Maybe she was already living in Spain by that time. She certainly hit it off with Sean, that's for sure. She was also a bit bitchy to Rita and her clothing taste while flirting with Ken, Paul, Nick... well anything in trousers, really.

Gloria's been told off  well and truly about interfering with Karl. Now Eva's off on holiday and Gloria's going to get stuck in behind the bar and she wasted no time acting like the boss! She also took over or tried to when Kirsty was giving birth in the back. I'm surprised Marcus didn't whack her one. This could be fun! She seems to be an incurable flirt for one thing. Gloria and Stella obviously shouldn't be sharing a house.

Why would Stella be so upset Gloria took the last of her perfume. A 50 quid bottle but there was only a little left, so Stella said. It's not as if she used the whole bottle. I do think Gloria got Stella out of the way on purpose. Not sure why she wanted to run the bar when she called Sean in to do all the work. I guess she just wanted to be queen for a day, holding court. But Gloria pushed a bit too far when she got Karl in to help her in the pub and Stella chucked her out so she's landed with Leanne. You know that won't last very long.

Ryan has the nerve to ask for a loan from Steve and Michelle to take Tracy out. Tracy's little plan certainly is having the intended intent. Michelle is wound up tighter than a tightly wound thing. Beth is helping Tracy's plan I think, making nice loud comments in Michelle's earshot but Michelle is good at shutting her down. Beth said Michelle wasn't all that bothered, but it seemed to me she was. She kicked back and that's a reaction but she's trying hard not to let Ryan see that she's bothered.  There was lots of immature posturing in front of each other, the four of them. Kind of sick making wasn't it? That didn't work so Steve and Michelle decide to do the noisy housework chores instead. Oh get a life, all of you!

It sent Ryan and Tracy off to Number 1. Boy did Deirdre get a surprise when she got home! Ha, i did wonder what the age difference was with Ryan. Deirdre says Tracy is the same age as Michelle. I thought that was about right. And Tracy calling him Baby, feeding him, him calling Deirdre Mrs. Barlow, and then being instructed to call her mother Deirdre makes him seem even younger. It was funny when Deirdre, a bit tiddly, started going on about Samir, the love of her life, oh and Tracy's got one of his kidneys. Um. ok.

The Barlow dinner party  was wonderfully funny! Ken was a ghost upstairs, Deirdre was squiffy and wafting toast around. Michelle had her teeth ground down to the roots. Steve sat there like a useless twaddle as per usual. Tracy enjoyed playing happy couples with Ryan and Ryan is blissfully obvlivious. It looks like Michelle is sick and tired of playing it understated. I think it's about to be out and out war.

Owen is sympathetic to Tina's plight. And in other news, Cilla has surfaced, sort of, with an offer of a visit to South Africa for Chesney but not Fiz but Izzy's worried that if Katy is pregnant by then it might not be safe to travel. Now Izzy feels guilty, as well. And Chesney really is bothered and took it out on Katy. So much for their romantic night in. He reckons Gary and Izzy will be interfering in their lives constantly while Katy is pregnant.

So everyone is having fits about this surrogacy. Chesney's going around with a knot his his face and the surrogacy councillor has pointed out the obvious, that Katy is probably too young emotionally. Gary and Izzy both are sticking their noses in Katy's life, and it would be worse once Katy got pregnant. The clinic worker pointed out a lot of things that made Izzy think though i do wonder why it didn't come out in their first clinic visit a few weeks ago, regarding Katy's suitability. She made some good points about Katy's emotional ability to give up the baby and see it all the time and Gary is refusing to see any problem at all because he wants it so badly. And in the end, Izzy called it all off because it's already causing trouble and then Gary went off in a tantrum. You know, it's not all about him.

Understandably upset but he doesn't seem to want to see it from anyone else's point of view. Izzy really was right. They're putting way too much responsibility on Katy and Chesney both. (I wonder if they'll go to South Africa now?) Gary really was upset. He was so focused on having a baby of his own that he wasn't ready to accept anything else. He did back down and come back to her but she made a decision. (But why didn't they just go home and talk? Why did everyone have to leave the house instead?) No wonder Izzy wants to finish with him so he could find someone who could give him what he wants. To his credit he loves her and he wants her no matter what else.

Lovely little scene where Izzy reached out for her Dad. Also, wonderful performances from Cherylee and Mikey.

Now Jason is angling to move into Maria's. (Why doesn't he just rent Brian and Julie's flat? Or why doesn't Tommy and Tina rent it?) Kylie figured it out but Maria didn't see it at all.  It took awhile but Maria had to be clued in that Jason wants to move into the flat but when Marcus and Maria were discussing it, she wasn't saying she loves Jason. But when she invited him, he backed off at first but she persuaded him.

The DVD that Ryan and Tracy were watching was Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Maria accused Tina of putting Kirsty into labour. But she *was* actually a few days past her due date.

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Anonymous said...

Michelle (born in 1975)is 2 years older than Tracy (born in 1977, according to their character biographies on Wiki.

With regard to the surrogacy, I've never really understood what the big hurry was. Why did it have to be as soon as Katy turned 18? Why couldn't it wait until after Chesney and Katy had their holiday in South Africa? For that matter, why not put the whole thing off for at least a year, to give everyone some time to think it over?

Tvor said...

The age difference isn't really all that much, though. And I agree with everything you said about the surrogacy. They couldn't start it up before Katy was 18 because she'd have to have Owen's permission. But yes, why not wait at least until after the holiday?

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