Saturday, 25 January 2014

Catch yourself on, Steve

(This post was originally posted by Graeme N on the Coronation Street Blog in January 2014, reposted with permission.)
Are they making Michelle Connor even more horrible than usual for a specific reason? Is there a big storyline ahead that we don't yet know about? I'd really like to know why we're having this gob on a stick front and centre so much at the moment.

I love Steve McDonald. Always have and always will. Back in the day he was a bit of a lad and high drama followed. Remember the wonderful Jez Quigley, dear reader? 

Then the powers that be discovered Simon Gregson could do comedy as well as drama and the rest is history. Simon is terrific behind the bar of the Rovers and equally wonderful in the Streetcars office with Lloyd and Eileen. A real asset to the programme and something of a rarity. He came in as a young actor and has stuck with Corrie into adulthood. 

So why oh why can't they find him a decent woman to play off? Becky was more than a match for Steve, but like Tracy Barlow, she ran rings around him and made him look more than a little bit daft. Karen did that too, but Steve was far less emasculated back then. Steve and Karen were a great partnership, their scenes together were zingy, if you know what I mean. You never knew who would come out on top.

Not so with Michelle. I didn't get their relationship the first time Steve and Michelle were together (baby swap disaster anyone?) and I still don't get it now. Michelle is rude, bossy, arrogant and treats Steve and anyone who agrees with him like something she's just trodden in. Her reaction to the arrival of Andrea was very telling, she obviously felt threatened, although my feeling is Andrea will end up with Lloyd. 

This vasectomy business is bad enough, but the pinnacle of Michelle's unpleasantness came when Steve enrolled at college. The belittling he received at the hands of his partner was just foul and as usual with Michelle, there was no come back. She pretty much got away with it scot free. 

I love the McDonald's back behind the bar, but please oh please can they ditch Michelle? Steve needs someone who treats him like an equal, not a drudge and a silly wee boy. I'm not sure I see any suitable candidates in Weatherfield at the moment so perhaps it's a job for the Corrie casting director. It has been suggested before that Liza Tarbuck would be good behind the bar and I think she might also make a good partner for Steve.

I'd make one final change at the Rovers too. 

I know Liz is giving Jason's dad the glad eye at the moment, but please can we see big Jim McDonald once again? There has been no mention of him since Liz returned (unless I've missed something). Liz and Jim behind the Rovers bar would be magnificent. I can't remember if Jim is still in the Big House, but Tracy Barlow was once and that didn't stop them springing her out to get on everyone's nerves. 

So catch yourself on Steve, ditch Michelle!

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