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Sunday Comments January 5

 I do like that Audrey is defending David. Someone's got to. I hope she's offered to pay for a lawyer for him. Leanne seems a bit more sympathetic. Maybe she can be the peacemaker that they so badly need. Maybe they won't need it, it looks like David has bowed to their wishes but his attitude made Audrey and Kylie feel like he was going to do something stupid. So why are they all upset now? David's leaving. That's what they wanted and they've pushed him to whatever they think he's doing. Kylie thinks David's winding them all up and is unsympathetic. She loves him, really. So does his mother and she's furious Nick has pushed his brother to this point. But what is he doing? Going to the police, that's what, which is what Nick had thought. Well, the only way to deal with blackmail is to do what David's done.

At least, he tried to. But the wait was so long, Nick caught up with him. Nick was sure that David was only doing it to get sympathy on his side so why did he take what he perceived as the bait? He's doing it for his mother? Well it worked even if it wasn't what Nick thought David's motives really were. What's the way forward from here, though. Nick can't hold the cops over David's head anymore but Kylie still won't have him near her.

It may take some time but at least Gail admits it's not all David's fault. Now she's good and fed up. The family meeting was a real struggle. Kylie's feeling sorry for herself, feeling disillusioned and betrayed, drunk and ugly but she does still love David. Add her into the mix of the summit meeting and you know what happens. But it's about the children and even Nick can see that and Kylie conceded. Gail then wasted no time undermining what Kylie wanted by letting David see the children on his own and look how that worked out! Kylie hit the roof.

David is trying to keep things settled for the kids but it's hard with her scowling and howling. And with the kids' Nativity being a disaster, you'd think Bessie Street school would give up. Isn't this the third or fourth in as many years that a drunken parent has caused a ruckus? I know David did a lot of wrong but part of me hates when Nick and Kylie are so rude to him. Yes, Nick has more reason than most but David's really trying hard to make it up. Anyway. Kylie is coping the only way she knows how, back to the bottle and making a bit scene.

Kylie drags poor little Max out of the Nativity and thus another child in the Street is traumatized for life. Well, I'm glad Max told his mother he preferred David, might give her something to think about, or at least something more to drink about. I'm surprised Audrey didn't realize Kylie was drunk. She must have smelled like a brewery. (Oh Norris. STFU) After the Nativity, Simon was in his school uniform? That's odd. David told Kylie she was a good mum. Except for today. Kylie really does believe that her luck has run out and with the life she's had, it's understandable that she thinks she's not worth happiness. Gail was in a very worthy rant over Kylie's antics at the school, wasn't she? Everyone else is jumping all over her, too, and she's putting her job in jeopardy and drinking and flirting with the customers is not going to keep her in Leanne's good books. And her drunken tongue let all the cats out of the bag.

Horrible Rita is continuing to embarass her husband and rain all over his parade. Fun banter between Rita and Gloria, however and Mary was amusing as well during that meeting. Twiggy? Really? You can dress with the hair and the styles, of course, but I wouldn't test people by telling them i was trying to be Twiggy if I was Mary. I could get away with it even less than Mary could. One of these days Dennis is just going to tell Rita to go get stuffed. Gloria has been more supportive than his wife and she's taking great pleasure in flirting. Taking her life in her hands, is my prediction if the Big Red Wig gets hold of her.

The gig is going forward anyway. Dennis' little black book looked pretty ragged. Interesting that Rita actually defended Dennis when Norris starting being his usual critical self. Dennis' outfit was ace!!! He looked really good! Everyone seemed skeptical about the success of the gig, mostly. Mary was excited and Gloria was supportive but you could see everyone else was actually putting on a face. Mary wasn't helping by pointing out the age difference between Dennis and Gloria vs. Rita. She dug herself a very deep hole on that one! The band members all looked like they were on their last legs but Dennis' gig was a big hit. Not sure how, the singer really didn't sing any proper lyrics that we heard but the band sounded pretty good musically. Rita was not too happy though and was keeping a sharp eye on Gloria and Dennis. He might have told Gloria he's his own man but he looked pretty scared at the thought of Rita's reaction.

Kal's workout routine sure seemed like a shock to Dev's system but one training session and Dev is calling Kal and miracle worker. Leanne wonders if he really can produce miracles. Can he help Nick? Kal sure knows the buttons to push and arguments to use to convince someone. Humiliation and poking lots of holes in excuses seems to work.

Brian was very clear that he doesn't want to foster children yet Julie still thinks if she moves to Wales, she can convince him to foster. She won't. He's not enough for her, not without a child. He finally had to man up and tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth. That's the fatal crack in that relationship. Brian and Julie might have suited each other but Brian is a weak coward. He's not good enough for her. She knows that now even though she's broken hearted and has lost everything.

So Brian's back was against the wall. Julie is going after answers and Brian has to give them to her because he doesn't have a choice now. She knows he went for the job and that he never wanted to foster but she has to feel blame too and it really isn't her fault at all. Of course at first he didn't give her all the truth. He's accepted the job and will be leaving before Christmas. They do love each other but where do they go from here? I hate that she's partly blaming herself in a way but she's right. Neither of them should have to settle for less. Wasn't it nice to see Eileen so sistery? I guess Julie now needs a flatmate because she can't afford to buy him out. I do like how, heartbroken though she is, that she stands up to him. Meanwhile Marcus is shooting that Roman sword in Todd's direction, figuratively. Todd tried to defend himself to Marcus, but he made it sound like he was the one hurt by Jools, not the other way around. He's got a very slick way of winning everyone over to his side.

It was also very strange that Brian would leave 2 or 3 days before the Christmas break rather than wait. He could have been at the Nativity play and then walked out, fed up with kids and parents both.

The honeymoon is over and Tina is still sniffing around Peter. And let's be clear, it's her doing most of the running even if he's still flashing those big brown eyes at her. She made an ass of herself by going to see him when she thought he was alone but he wasn't.It was just pre (and post) wedding wobbles. Making him jealous by snogging Rob is just childish but it worked. But the thing is she didn't know anyone would catch her because neither Carla no Peter was in the pub at the time. Anyway Peter came running. And making a mortal enemy of Tracy is just a death wish even though Michelle accused Rob of the same thing while Carla just thought matchmaking might be a good idea. I can see he's going to be a "come here go away" kind of guy like all the others. He wants her to stay away, then he can't be watching her and giving her mixed signals.

Peter's really jealous of Rob and Tina's interest in him, isn't he? As much as I hate seeing her chase Peter, he's pretty much asking her too with signals like this. Him giving Rob a hard time should have made Rob suspicious of Peter's motives. I wonder if it has? There are child minding problems and Carla doesn't want to rely on Deirdre. Call Tina instead. Why is this storyline so tedious and contrived? I can understand the attraction but my God it's hard work. Tina's trying to avoid Peter and Carla keeps pushing them together. It's inevitable. And Tina, she can't keep away either and keeps throwing herself in Peter's path on any excuse, with long sexy hair flowing down her back. Peter of course is equally to blame.

Meanwhile, Rob and Tracy are doing a lot of bickering lately and Tina is having fun teasing and flirting with Rob who lapped it up. One thing leads to another and Carla gleefully caught them snogging. She'd love to see the fallout if Rob and Tracy broke up but Peter's in a tizzy. I think Tina was quite happy with the end result.

Hayley's well aware it's her last time to decorate the Christmas tree. So are we. Loved their little exchange about religious decorations. Underneath all this, it looks like Hayley's starting to experience more pain. Roy is determined to pass his driving test and he's all stressed over it. Chuckled at Roy's calming methods. He must have borrowed someone else's car because he didn't take the test in the Woody. He got through the test in once piece at least. Awww Roy didn't pass his test.

Leave it to Roy to humbug Christmas. He might not believe in Santa Clause and all the other trappings, but it *is* for children and it's magical to them. Hayley put him straight but she overdid it a bit. It's hard to hear but yes, it's her last Christmas and I can understand her wanting to make the most of it.

Looks like a new storyline breaking. That Phelan that Owen had the run in with wants Owen and family to come for drinks and talk about business? I did wonder about Phelan. I thought he invited the Windass clan to his but Owen turned the invite around and so they didn't have to build a new set ;) Can't blame Anna for being worried and she made sure Phelan knew, too. Phelan and his wife were dressed to the nines. The Windasses were dressed like a lazy Saturday. Anyway, he wants Owen to do a big building project for him. A small, independent builder to do a major project. Yeah, that's smart. Phelan's doing it under the table, too, because he's bankrupt and can't front the project himself. That's the catch. Owen's tempted but Anna is scared he's going to be in over his head.

Fun conversation between all the twentysomethings in the booth in the pub, with Jason and Marcus being all sweet about their women and the others taking the mick out of them. Fried cheese sandwiches? Is that anything like grilled cheese? Carla really isn't very touchy feely about kids at all is she? Sally's moaning about no Christmas party at the factory. Sally comes across so uppity but she's just as happy getting legless with the rest of the girls. She can't stand not sucking up to Carla, though. Rosie's not coming for Christmas. Well of course she isn't. You didn't expect her to, did you? She had a Christmas card from Kevin, too. Sure sign that he's coming back, he's being mentioned! Window cleaner Tim managed to get a tip off Roy but Steve wasn't falling for it. So much for Dev's new regime. He's standing Kal up and chowing into a huge breakfast. Kal's right, Dev really isn't taking this seriously. Christmas dinner at the Rovers sounds a bit dire. Nobody likes anything but they'll eat it because it's tradition. Well, We finally meet Andrea, much to Steve's embarassment

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