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Sunday Comments January 19

The last thing Deirdre wants to see is Rob in his underwear. It's only polite, isn't it? She's not happy having Rob underfoot so much and of course Deirdre would take Peter's side. All of Deirdre's aggro at Rob gives Tracy a great idea. Move Rob in. Yeah that'll work. And he didn't want her to move in with him. Why would she think he wants to move in with her? No Rob, Deirdre doesn't fancy you. And Tracy suggesting that isn't going to persuade him but I'm shocked that he seems to be ok with it. Sucking up might work because Deirdre can be worn down. She's thinking about it. Up for bribery, even.

Rob is intent on winning Deirdre over and they've even managed to get her the new telly she wanted, for free from their shop as well. That's both barrels that is. But she's not stupid. She took the sucking up and still said he couldn't move in. And she used both barrels right back at her. Deirdre's point about hoping Tracy moves out had me hooting out loud. But Rob has put in the notice on his flat so where is that going to leave them. Surely he's got a month at least.

Now Tracy being Tracy is going to try to scare her mother into letting Rob move in. Nice. Will she get sucked in? Nope, their underreaction at her thoughts of calling the police rang all the alarm bells. Well of course. Kids leave fingerprints and there wouldn't be any would there? I guess she's not as stupid as they think but she's giving in anyway and I hope she makes them follow the rules and all. That'll teach them.

Hayley's definitely getting weaker. They are both getting a bit philosophical about opera. Meanwhile, Hayley wants to tell a few people that the end is near and Roy has to be the one to do it. Maybe it will help him face up to it though I suppose he really isn't in denial any more. Anna took the news with great aplomb, barely holding it together for Roy's sake. Trust me, I know this is the hardest thing, having to tell people there's no hope. Everyone is so supportive and broken hearted.

You keep waiting for Roy to break down don't you? You know he will eventually. He's terrified it means that Hayley will leave him sooner than later, by her own hand and she's warning him that it won't be long.

Why would Roy have taken his satchel with him to tell Carla the news about Hayley? That was weird. And contrived so that Roy could come back later obviously. And it certainly took him an awful long time to walk 30 yards over to the flat to get the bag, too. Time enough for Peter and Tina to go through round two, get dressed again, for Tina to sort out her hair and for Hayley to wake up and have a proper conversation with Carla.

Lovely scenes with Carla and Hayley together. Carla really is a force of nature and will not be denied when she wants something. Nothing Roy could do or say would stop her seeing Hayley once she had the news. Even Hayley couldn't resist. That nearly tore my guts out, listening to Hayley say she was jealous that she was leaving and everyone else got to carry on and watching her cry in Carla's arms.

Hayley slept through her last New Year's eve. Roy couldn't bear to wake her. Boy they're really laying on with the makeup, aren't they, to make her look really ill. She's determined to get out and about a bit though she's really going downhill. Hayley's planning her funeral. It's sobering for her friends and I think Sean is taking it very hard, harder than most of his friends realize. He's worked with her for a long time, after all. Anyway, only these two actors and some fantastic writing could make a sad scene about funeral planning watchable. Roy realizes that Hayley's sinking fast and she's understating it for him.

Leanne and Nick are living apart. They didn't last the year out did they? Her face is still bruised, that's realistic at least. Nick had all the gear to work out, looked a bit odd with the tights on under his shorts but practical for this time of year. I still say there's chemistry between Leanne and Kal and I'm sticking with my prediction. Gail isn't so sure a temporary separation is a good thing but staying together might just rip them apart, like Stella said. Nick's getting on better with Kal than Dev has been. Plus he's got a lot more aggression to work out. Nick probably should see a professional councillor if only to figure out how to deal with the problem. Leanne is determined to stick with Nick so she moved back in despite his wishes. Gosh, it's after New Year's, over a week after Nick slapped Leanne and her face is still bruised. Reality, that's a first! He's started councilling. Let's hope that will help him cope. Her cringing when he reaches out isn't going to help his stress levels. It breaks his heart that she's scared of him.

Will Nick and Leanne manage to get through this unscathed? If they can keep the communication open, maybe. The stress is as hard on her as it is on him. Him pushing her away to save her might push her away for good but she's determined. It's a good storyline, though, it's giving a good idea what this sort of thing is like.

Kylie's sunk into depression now. She can't even be bothered to mouth off at Gail. She says she's trying to move on but you can see she's not got past the doorstep. Dangerously so, in fact. Gail tries to help mainly for the children's sake but her self esteem is so shot that nothing and nobody can help. Wine, it is and out like a light. I wonder how Max even knows how to cook pasta and turn on the stove but at least it wasn't the old kind where you have to light a match to set the gas on.

Doesn't David have a key? Can you not open the door from the outside when it's locked from the inside if you had a key? What else can David say or do to help that lost sheep of a wife he's got? I'm feeling sorry for both of them now. Gail gets so frustrated with Kylie yet you can see she's grown to like her. Maybe this is Kylie's rock bottom and David can recognize that she couldn't forgive herself as well as him. When did David actually grow up? He was wonderful with her and maybe now they can rebuild their life.

I have a feeling that Rob kind of fancies Tina after that little kiss. She just thinks of him as a mate but he must have waited for her while she did her shopping. Rewarding him with a kiss rubbed Peter the wrong way. With Peter being so jealous, I can't believe Rob hasn't twigged yet. Tina of course, was chuffed that Peter is making a jealous fuss. and Peter admits to being jealous, too. He just can't help himself. He's got Barlow hormones. She should have more sense than getting involved with a married man. But there they go, anyway and the deed is done. Urgh.

Well, all i can say is that the only good thing about it, and this isn't much but it's all I can find, that we get to see more of Peter's tattoos (Yes, I like tatts!) And at the end, Tina's alone and in tears. Do I feel sorry for her? Nope. Not a bit. She got what she wanted. How's that working out for you, luv?

Tina's thoughtful the day after, probably having spent New Year's alone (after getting off work) while Peter was with Carla. And Peter's head is in the clouds too. You know their flats are probably back to back. I bet he could knock on the bedroom wall and she'd hear it clearly. Yet he can still look Carla in the eye and tell her he loves her. He does, he's just got a hormonal problem.

Everyone's in the pub on New Year's but Peter asking Tina to babysit tipped her over the edge. Confession time. Liz knows very well what's up and she spilled the beans. Well, she's got to talk to someone even if that someone disapproves. Only because she's made every mistake with men there is to make, too. Loved Liz confronting Peter. Another hoot from me when she roughed him up against the wall. Brilliant! As disgusted as Tina feels about herself, I bet she'll be back in his bed before too long because now it feels like he's doing the chasing.

Boisterous little boy, Simon acting a fool for Carla's birthday and he gave her a Keep Calm teatowel that advises to kill zombies! Excellent! Peter's present, shiny bling went over well. Peter knows full well why Liz is giving him evils across the road. Tina blabbed. And she's right. He loves Carla and not her. It's obsession. Can't blame Liz for being protective and she's not one to hold her tongue and temper when it fires up. So now Tina is planning on moving to London. Might be the best thing really.

Will Tina really leave town? I don't think so, not yet anyway, or if she goes, she'll be back. That's usually the way it goes. She is so naive, thinking they'd be together if Peter was Free when maybe they would, but she is hardly the love of his life and she clearly just has a crush. She's right, he should be able to control himself so he's pretending he can. She stays, he'll avoid the pub. He's such a typical cheating husband, very clearly stringing her along though he knows she's infatuated. He really acted like a cold hearted, manipulating, cheating bastard this week.

Sophie's back at the soup kitchen, wanting to help out more and maybe write for their magazine. I can't imagine her being a journalist but you know, maybe this might give her a kick up the career pants. Or maybe she wants to see more of Maddie. Do gooder or something else? Maddie really is defensive and challenging and in Sophie's face. It begs the question what Sophie could contribute but you never know and Sally immediately has her on Fleet Street! You gotta start somewhere! Sally's snobbery and ambitions are a joy! But I think writing about Sally's handbag being stolen from the soup kitchen might not be the way forward. Sophie doesn't want Sally to report it, she feels sorry for Maddie.

Todd's back on screen as is Eileen who is still grumpy and moaning as usual. Amusing scene with Todd, Eileen and Steve in the cab office. Sean is assessing his life. Nobody's taking it seriously. Down the street, Jason's father has shown up, gobsmacking Eileen. So Tony is worried because Jason didn't call him at Christmas? Eva got Jason a new phone but would she have got him a new number as well? Possibly, I suppose, if it took a different SIM card or was with a different company. Jason couldn't be that much against his dad if he went willingly to the pub with him. I know Eva and Sean both think you can at least go forward and start again but I'm with Todd and Eileen. I think Tony's up to something or he wants something. Eileen's on her guard and Todd is even protective.

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Anonymous said...

You've made a spelling/usage error that I've noticed before from other bloggers and commenters. A "councillor" is a person who sits on a council, (e.g. a city or Privy Councillor) while a "counsellor" is a person who offers advice, either legal or personal.
Almost everyone on that street could benefit from seeing a counsellor, which is why, for years I've been suggesting that the health center at the end of the street needs to open a mental health department. I don't know whether the cost would be covered under the national health, but if they skipped a couple of evenings in the Rovers or the Bistro, the money could be put to better use.

Tvor said...

Thank you for pointing that out. I do get the two words mixed up often. You're completely right about most of the Street benefitting from councel!

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