Monday, 27 January 2014

Corrie Canada Weekly awards for Jan. 20 - 24

Foot in mouth: Beth talking about Hayley's sewing machine and her not coming back. And she was gobby to Julie who's suffering, post-breakup. Not quite the most tactful, is she?

Pants on Fire: Peter lied about meeting the client but Carla caught him squarely in the lie. So his solution? Pile on another one about being tempted to drink.

Subtle award: Steve dancing on air thinking Michelle might be pregger.

Mr. Doubtfire award: David was doing the ironing!

Fashion Ooh: I loved Beth's feather earrings!

Hypocrite award: Michelle. She's the one that doesn't want a baby. Why shouldn't she be the one to have herself sorted?

Tit for Tat award (pun intended). Steve decided if Michelle can ban him from nookie, he can ban her, too.

Desperate Measures award: Roy will move hell and high water to get strawberries for Hayley and she probably doesn't even want them anymore. When he couldn't get them, he went off the rails. 

Ooh er Missus award: Sean does love a foreign tongue!

Just my type, then, award: Eileen described Tony as a lying, cheating, ratbag. Just Liz's sort of fella, I believe.

I need new pants award: Carla figures there must be a bloke behind Tina's exit. She's sitting right beside him and didn't Peter squirm!

Job search Fail award:
Beth has been looking for work in a bar. Liz just lost a barmaid. Um, why wouldn't Beth have made a beeline for the Rovers?

Lines of the week:
Beth about Hayley's machine "If you had your way, we'd have it cordoned off and all have to cross ourselves when we pass it!" (snork)
Andrea about Liz "She's funny your mum. I hope I'm as sprightly at her age" (and Liz had that coming)
Liz "Blokes and ultimatums never mix"
Andrea "Snip of the tongue!" Steve "I hate you allllll!!!!!"
Tina "So you're saing it's over" Peter "Honestly? It never even began" (first true thing he's said)
Audrey to Gail "You have been known to occasionally over season"
Steve "It's vasecto-me, not vasecto-you"
Roy "I was wondering when sarcasm might rear its ugly head"
Michelle "You know as much about the Cold War as a bag of chips..." Steve: "I think you'll find that's the cod war" (LOL)
Julie "Fractured ribs heal. Can broken hearts truly mend?"
Audrey "Who does she think she is? Lady GoGo" Maria "Ga Ga" Audrey "You're not kidding"
Lloyd "So basically, you're both refusing to have nookie with each other. You might as well be married!"

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Anonymous said...

Didn't Beth ask about getting a job in the Rovers only to receive a big snub?

Tvor said...

If she did, I guess I missed it

Rebecca said...

Yeah, Tina told her they weren't hiring. I don't know why she would ask Tina and not Steve or Liz or why she wouldn't go back after Tina left town.

Tvor said...

Right. But what i wondered was why, after Tina left and everyone knew she'd left, Beth didn't make a beeline to Liz to offer to fill the vacant position

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