Monday, 6 January 2014

CBC Olympic schedule for Coronation Street (updated)

Fresh in from CBC, (ask and ye just might get the information you want! Thanks, CBC!)  ...

Here's the schedule for Coronation Street during the Winter Olympics as we know it now. These times could change but if we find out, we'll let you know.

Feb 6
Regular time Atlantic (19:30/7:30 pm)
18:30/6:30 pm Rest of the country time zones aside from Atlantic/Windsor/MT North
17:00/5:00 pm Windsor
17:00/5:00 pm MT North

Feb 7-21
19:30/7:30 pm Maritimes
20:00/8:00 pm Newfoundland
18:30/6:30 pm Man/Sask/Quebec/Ontario minus Windsor
17:00/5:00 pm Windsor
15:30/3:30 pm Alberta
15:30/3:30 pm MT North
14:30/2:30 pm BC

We have received further information from CBC regarding the Sunday omnibus during the Olympics and it seems THE SUNDAY OMNIBUS WILL NOT BE SHOWN DURING THE OLYMPICS for the duration which I kind of expected. BE AWARE that you will probably have to watch or record the weekday episodes and it also does not look like there will be a late night broadcast at this point but that could change.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, Tvor. Ask and it shall be answered! I guess the CBC realize their loyal viewers are something to be appreciated and treated with consideration (even if the show being watched is an import and not "original programming"), especially since the current federal government is determined to destroy them with constant removal of funding and changing of rules. Woe betide Mr. Harper if he causes anything to happen to our Corrie viewing. He will experience the wrath of fans which could unseat him! (I can hope!)

Tvor said...

You're welcome. I thought I'd take the chance and contacted them through twitter of all things.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't the CBC say if Corrie Street is being shown at 12:30 a.m.?

Tvor said...

They told me they didn't think it would be. Is it in your area?

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