Friday, 1 March 2013

Alec Gilroy and Roy Cropper's card counting skills

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog February 2013, reposted to this blog with permission.)

This week in Coronation Street, there was a blast to the past mentioned when Roy told his mum Sylvia he wasn't going to cash in at the casino for her again, after winning back her money using his card counting skills.

"You're worse than Alec Gilroy," he told her.

For those who would like an explanation, here we go. For those who can remember, cast your mind back to December 1996.  Alec Gilroy, always on the look-out for money making 'turns' he could put on the stage to make money from, thought he'd spotted in Roy Cropper the chance to make a bit of dosh by acting as Roy's agent and signing him up as a novely act after Roy displayed some unusual skills in the Rovers Return.

With help from, we know that Alec was interested in Roy's "miracle memory" when he  memorised the classified ads of the local paper and with that talent had found Gary Mallett a specific bike advert. However, Roy wasn't interested in what Alec had to say, but this didn't stop Alec from pressing Roy to display his memory talents to all and sundry in the cafe.

Roy was not prepared to play to an audience and displayed no interest in any of Alec's offers.  But Alec would not be put off and badgered poor Roy because Alec knew that will Roy's unusual memory ability, he would be able to put him on in the clubs and make some dosh from his skills.  

Mild-mannered Roy was faced with something of a dilemma as Alec didn't take no for an answer when it came to a business proposition. Roy asked Deirdre for advice about what Alec was like as a person and whether or not dealing with him would be wise. Roy revealed he didn't want the fame and fortune Alec offered as his memory skills were something of a tainted gift. He revealed he had been the member of a quiz team once and as a result he had become disliked and distrusted because he always got the questions correct.

And so as Alec chased Roy in his quest to turn him into Weatherfield's latest star, Roy decided to get his own back on Alec for giving him such a hard time. Roy invited Alec back to his flat to speak about his business proposition, the flat was very dark and eerie and soon Alec began to look a tad unnerved. Roy played in Alec's fear and pretended to seek the advice from his dead aunt in choosing whether or not he should seek fame and fortune with Alec. The practical joke worked like a charm and Alec fled from Roy's flat suitably perturbed.

And speaking of Alec Gilroy's novelty acts, anyone remember Shadow and Son?

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