Sunday, 31 March 2013

Eve of Destruction

The pub is on fire and while we know the pub isn't going to burn down to the ground and end up a heap of rubble on the corner, it is going to be gutted and need a complete renovation inside. There are similarities to the last fire in the Rovers in that the landlady is going to be trapped upstairs and someone is going to manage to get her out just like Kevin did with Bet Lynch back in the day.

We've had all the players now put in place. We have resentful Karl who appears to have caused damage to the electrics with the burst pipe and we have equally resentful Sunita. Her chance at happiness with Dev has been scuppered with Stella putting Dev's doubts and fears to the forefront.

How will it all play out? We'll see on Monday. In the meantime, there's more musing about the subject here. (note, it was written before seeing Friday night's show in Canada, so we now know that Karl definitely did start the fire deliberately)

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