Sunday, 3 March 2013

Sunday Comments, March 3

Chesney defies Katy and goes to help Fiz anyway but has decided to talk some sense into her.  Tyrone seems to be singing Oasis songs to the kiddies but it's not making them very sleepy from the looks of things. I guess Chesney still uses Gary's van. Kirsty doesn't think the public appeal will work but Eileen says it will help them get spotted. Kirsty is genuinely worried but it's not because she thinks Tyrone will hurt Ruby, it's more to do with not wanting Fiz to have anything to do with her. Chesney is really making Fiz work for the money, trying to make her see what kind of life she'd have on the run and drawing parallels from Tyrone to John Stape. He's right there, in some respects. He hands over the money anyway, though he's not at all happy about it. Seems like he's given her something to think about though.

She can see Tyrone has a naive idea of what life will be like when they're settled. They probably never would be, would they? Fiz wasn't surprised to hear the police at the door. Why? Because she called them. Chesney got through to her after all. She's just broken Tyrone's heart. Well, he's banged up again and Ruby's home with Kirsty. Fiz seemed surprised that they arrested him. I don't know why.

Tyrone is in the nick now and he's up the creek for assault, not kidnapping! He's also trying to keep Fiz out of it. Must have worked, Fiz was released. Well it wasn't her idea that's for sure, but she did go along with him. Everyone is hovering over Kirsty and it makes me ill. Even if it isn't admissable, I think Tyrone's solicitor needs to insist on a lie detector test.  If i was Tyrone's solicitor, I'd also ask why Kirsty had no problem going back to work and letting Tyrone mind the baby seeing as she's going on about being afraid what he'd do to Ruby. At least Peter seems to believe Tyrone's innocent so Carla stood up for Fiz, too.

Fiz is again trying to call the police and still doesn't understand that she's not family and they aren't going to tell her anything. Tyrone has decided he needs to see Tina.

What's Kirsty playing at? Using Ruby's belongings to hurl insults at Fiz. Kirsty does know one thing, Fiz isn't afraid of her. Meanwhile, Tyrone doesn't blame Fiz and is taking it all on himself. She's better off without him. Martyr much? Kirsty's done her job well. He's got absolutely no self esteem left. There's a lot of plot holes and unanswered questions. I guess we just have to wait and see if any of them are patched up.

David and Kylie are bereft without their telly. I absolutely loved Gail telling them all about bees, having learned about them on the documentary and pointedly drawing similarities between the queen bee and herself, keeping the hive alive. Back to Platt Towers, Gail has at least cooked for Max. But only for her and a small bowl of stew for Max. She's even writing her name on the eggs and confiscated the telly since she paid for it. David and Kylie are flummoxed. It's quite funny! Brilliant stuff!

I'm really loving Gail's attitude to David and Kylie and the house. It's not as easy as they thought. Now, technically, David and Kylie have not signed any papers yet, have they? Technically Gail still owns that house so is responsible for the boiler and any other issues. David and Kylie didn't have the right to move her into the box room so i suppose that's why she's taking her

Gail seems to think she can get off scot free. Does she have an official rent book? We also find out that Lewis has escaped to central America, Belize. David is away for a few days and when the cat's away, the mouse gets busted. Gail finds out that Lewis left a bunch of things in his flat and rather than Beth profit from selling it off, she reckons she should get the cash so Beth and Kirk bring over the last of it. At least she lets Kirk keep the nice overcoat! I wonder if that's going to become his signature piece of clothing like Jack Duckworth's camel hair coat that he inherited from his brother? Anyway. She finds an envelope in a pocket that has her bank details on it. She also finds a photo of Lewis and Audrey and the handwriting is not the same. Hmmmm.... A little detective work with the reservations book at the Bistro and Kylie's busted big time!

Roy is really worried about his mother and drags her destination out of Lloyd. Sylvia's secret? She's been visiting casinos! Busted! She did lie that she'd never been in a casino before. Beginner's luck that she'd won just as Roy showed up but Roy knows darn well she's been into it deeper than she's admitting. But she's not admitting. She's very defensive. Roy thinks Milton is to blame for Sylvia's gambling. I don't. She went to America and the casinos were there. If she already enjoyed a bet, it must have been easy to slip into the habit. Turns out it was a clash between Sylvia and Milton's daughter. She gambled to pay him back for money spent on her hip, lost and now she's intent on getting the money back.

Sudoku leads to gambling. Oh Roy! And all he has to do is count cards in his head and calculate the odds which he could do in his sleep! Roy thinks the casino should give Sylvia her money back and has a hand written spreadsheet to prove it! Wonderful! The casino doesn't see it that way. What's their solution? Let Roy gamble, too! Doh. They may regret that. Roy's got his dander up and he's roped Ken and Dennis in for practice. Dennis was tickled and Ken, ever the voice of caution, forecast the portent of doom.

Dennis is excited for Roy to fleece the casino. Ken of course is not. Sylvia just loves the excitement full stop. Why is counting cards wrong? If you can figure out the odds, why shouldn't you? Roy knows all the rules and he won't be back even if Sylvia is hoping he'll continue. Loved that Roy brought up Alec Gilroy and i had forgotten that Alec tried to get Roy to do a memory act.

Ah well at least Tim is sensitive to Anna, by dragging Faye back home when Anna called him. He seemed properly angry with Faye for it, too. He seems to be on the up and up and wants to know his daughter but not behind Anna's back and not take her away from him. Anna's worried Faye will get confused. I can't blame Anna for being wary about Tim.

Owen has absolutely nothing to do with Faye, legally. He's not even married to Anna let alone Faye's adoptive father. When it comes down to it, Anna has the last say. She saw Tim as a threat and he could be. Someone talked to the social services and it was Tim, voicing concerns about Owen. I think if i was Tim, I'd be concerned too. He *is* volatile and he is a bully. Faye does have a right to see her father, even if it's under supervision at first so Anna is making the effort and Owen isn't happy. So much for supporting her.

But as much as Faye could get confused, her rebellious attitude towards Anna and Owen is going to turn the tables. Possibly it's the best thing to let father and daughter get to know each other. Supervised visits. You gotta start somewhere and it might be better to have them under your eye until you're more sure of the man. Owen really does get too heavy handed and his temper gets away with him too easily.

Owen just proceeded to prove exactly how volatile he can be. Just because he wasn't expecting Tim under his roof doesn't mean he's allowed to lose his temper and holler threats. Owen says Tim wound him up. He didn't do much of anything. Owen doesn't need any instigation to be wound up and Tim sees him as out of control. I see Tim hasn't heard that Owen already has slapped Faye. If he had, he'd have Faye out of there lickety split and his assessment of Owen was spot on. Owen isn't willing to hear reason from Izzy and Gary easily.

Finally, Anna has ground rules, supervision and contact through her. Owen did apologize but didn't like Anna's decision. Anna's feeling threatened herself, scared she will lose Faye and knows Owen is a threat to that. Faye has overheard so you know darn well she's going to use it and start stirring up trouble, hoping Owen will lose his rag again. Anna and Owen finally make up after that last row but Faye isn't best pleased that Owen gets to mind her for part of the day. Now how can we get into more trouble? Turns out Tim has lost his job and will probably have to move away. That will never do. She overhears Jason putting a card in the window at the Kabin to get a new builder. Can you see where this is going?

Mandy really has a knot in her face over Sophie. I can't blame her really, she sees Jenna's career in the toilet and blames Sophie. Jenna is at loose ends, no job, and the finances are getting tight. I thought she owned her house not rented? That seems to be changed so that she can easily move out and in with Lloyd and Mandy. Jenna has moved in and Mandy digs out a dirty old box that appears to have a tortoise named Flash in it. You'd think she'd put it in a nicer box. Apparently they hibernate in winter. But here's the thing...Lloyd remembers it and Mandy says he's nearly 15. Yet, Lloyd hadn't seen Mandy in 28 or 29 years, since before Jenna was born, how could he possibly remember she had it?! maybe i misheard and she said 50? Well, that rubbish looking box fools Steve and Steve gathers it up to chuck in the skip because Lloyd is clearing out some extra stuff to make room for Jenna's things and the rest of Mandy's from Jenna's house.

Gloria's back with an aging fiance in tow. He's minted, too and it looks like Gloria's basking in the glow of that rock on her finger. Meanwhile Eva's feeling low. Crap job, no man, no money. What's a girl to do? Stella's not best pleased to see Golden Glo back, though, not after that last visit. Gloria's not worried, she knows she can get round Stella.

Katy finally has friends and is hanging out with them. They all drool over Ryan but Katy is all.."What? him???" Now, of course, that she knows he's crush=worthy, what do you think is going to happen? Three guesses and the first two don't count. Speaking of Ryan, he's going to start doing DJ gigs with a stipend from his mother to get some gear. The actress that plays Tina really needs to lay off the sun tanning. She's unrealistically orange these days. The actress that plays Faye is growing up leaps and bounds and it's getting hard to accept the character is only 10 when the actress is clearly a couple of years older!

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missusmac said...

I am pretty sure Mandy said 50, but I could be wrong. I don't particularly listen to her! Still trying to warm up to her. I do hope Kylie comes up with something besides the truth. It would be great if she had some happiness. In other news, WHAT was Leanne wearing at the Bistro? That suit was not a good look!

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