Saturday, 16 March 2013

Gail's Conundrum

Gail's on the warpath. She knows a secret so big, it's got secrets of its own. Problem is, it'll destroy what little is left of her family.

She might be able to get rid of one, even both of the daughters-in-law she hates but if neither son will speak to her ever again, or indeed, if one of them will throw her down the stairs again, is it worth telling the secret?

Yes, Gail's in a sticky spot. The horns of a dilemma. A conundrum to be sure.

I've had a think about it, and here's my take on it including how I think it could come out in the end. I'm loving the storyline and wait with bated breath to see how it's all going to come out.

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50 and counting said...

Gail is such a hypocrite.

Remember when Sarah Louise was concieved? Our Gail had been having a fling with Brian's cousin who was over visiting.

Blood test in hospital to see who the Daddy was.

Or have the writers forgotten?

Anonymous said...

The thing is, the people who know about the current situation (Nick, Kylie) probably don't know about the circumstances surrounding Sarah Louise's birth. Nick would have been just a kid.

I wonder whether Audrey, when she finds out about Nick & Kylie, will haul Gail off her high horse by reminding her.

Does Sally know about Gail & Brian's cousin?

Tvor said...

i don't think Sally knows but Audrey certainly does.

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