Sunday, 3 March 2013

Coronation Street's Free Tyrone campaign gets its own song

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog February 2013, reposted to this blog with permission.)

The Free Tyrone campaign now comes with its very own song.  The song is called Set Tyrone Dobbs Free and has been written and performed by Irish Band, The Corrigan Brothers.

The Corrigan Brothers have amassed over ten million youtube hits as well as charting all over the world with their huge international hit “There’s no one as Irish as Barack Obama” and just last week appeared on coast to coast TV in the USA on the msnbc programme “Hardball”.

They have now turned their attention to Corrie's Tyrone Dobbs and have recorded a song to set Tyrone Free which will be released on February 26th.

Lead singer Ger Corrigan explained the reason that the brothers decided to write the song, “Tyrone wouldn’t hurt a fly and he is not built to be inside, Kirsty must be stopped, set Tyrone Dobbs Free”

Check out their website here and read the lyrics of the song below.

Set Tyrone Dobbs Free - Corrigan Brothers 2013

OMG! it’s time to panic
They’ve locked up our nice mechanic
Tyrone Dobbs in custody
WE MUST set our Tyrone Free

On the cobbles Kirsty’s evil
She has fooled some of the people
Don’t worry Ty your friends believe yah
Fiz and Tommy and good old Tina


So come on people
It must be
We must set
Tyrone Dobbs Free

Deirdre, Tracy and good old Gail
Have all spent some time in Jail
But Tyrone will not survive
He’s not made to be inside

He’s so soft and warm and gentle
If he does porridge he’ll go mental
It’s time to make the whole world see
Tyrone is innocent set him free


Kirsty has sinned against the nation
Destroying Tyrone’s reputation
Turned his friends against the one
Who Jack and Vera called their son

So get behind Tyrone, our man
Let’s foil Kirsty’s evil plan
So let the truth at last be known
Let’s get justice for Tyrone


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Anonymous said...

If Jack and Vera were still alive, they'ed soon set the whole street straight about Tyrone.

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