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Vote Now: Which Rover would you like to Return?

(This post was originally posted by Graeme N on the Coronation Street Blog in March 2013.)

I've wanted to do a poll on this subject for quite some time, but it was only recently that I finally managed to master the poll-making technology! I know Coronation Street viewers are often split on whether come backs are a good idea, however there are some great characters from the past that I know viewers would love to see again.

While many would argue that Sunita's return in 2009 was not a success (something that has probably contributed to her departure next week), others in the recent past have worked well. As well as the return of Leanne in 2004 we have also seen three classic Corrie characters from the 1960s return in recent times. The majority of fans agree bringing back Dennis Tanner in 2011 was a masterstroke, even if he doesn't get as much screen time as we would like. It was also interesting and enjoyable to see both Ray Langton and Jed Stone come back for short spells. However, probably the best returning character ever would have to be the majestic Blanche Hunt, who was brought back full time in 1999 having last been a regular in the mid 1970s.

So here's the plan. I have selected ten characters from the past, two from each decade from the 1960s up to the 2000s who I think could return to Weatherfield and still create a stir and some interesting storylines. 

From the 1960s I have chosen Linda Cheveski and Billy Walker. I have put Linda's name forward as I think it would be great to see her reconnect with her brother Dennis, interact with Rita and Emily and relive some more memories of Elsie Tanner. Billy would be great to see again as he could bring the Walker name back to the Rovers Return - I wonder what he would make of St Ella?

From the 1970s I have selected Tricia Hopkins and Mavis Wilton. I think we all agree that Gail needs a friend to have some fun with. Who better than her mate from the old days? I think it's high time Gail had some adventures again, and not involving dodgy men or prison tabards. Everyone loved Mavis and it would be joyous to see her back at the Kabin, even for a brief spell. There is so much history there with Rita, Emily and even Norris (who never mentions poor old Derek these days).

From the 1980s I have gone for Jim McDonald and Curly Watts. I always loved Big Jim with his wild temper, Irish charm and legendary expressions - Catch yourself on! I think it's time to revisit his troubled relationship with son Steve. I thought it was a shame Curly had to go in the first place so i think it would be great to catch up with him ten years on. 

From the 1990s I have chosen two strong female characters - Fiona Middleton and Tanya Pooley. Fiona had a long, troubled history with both Steve and Jim McDonald so I think it would be very interesting to see them interact again. I'm sure Audrey would give her a job too! And as for super-bitch Tanya, St Ella wouldn't stand a chance if she ever returned to the Rovers!

Finally, from the 2000s I have picked Jamie Baldwin and Karen McDonald. I really liked Jamie first time around and I think it would be super to have a Baldwin on the Street once again. He also has a history both with Leanne and Sean (baby Dylan). Karen was always one of my very favourite Corrie women and I don't think Steve has ever had a finer partner in crime. I would love her to return and give him hell once again!

So which character would you like to see return? Now is your chance to have a say! As well as voting in the poll, I'd love to hear you comments and ideas on how your chosen character could be brought back and what storylines they could be involved in. 

Who knows, the powers that be might even sit up and take notice!

Voting is now open and will close on Friday 22 March.

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