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Sunday Comments March 17

The drama continues. Is Gail going to tell the truth? Is Kylie? Gail makes out that Kylie didn't want the baby from the start. Kylie admits that she's scared. Gail refuses to apologize to Kylie so David does what he needs to. He throws Gail out. Apparently the real estate fairies have already completed the deal. But not knowing what David doesn't know, wouldn't you do the same thing? Nick doesn't know which way to look and Gail ended up in Sally's box bedroom instead of her own.

Inside, though, David is confused as to why Kylie is defending Gail. Kylie is trying not to rock the boat any further but two doors down, Gail spills the beans to Sally. The more people that know, the more chances it's going to get out. At least Gail believes it really was a one night stand. Sally has a few good points. Gail's going to stay at Sally's and pretends they all just need a bit of space from each other.

Sophie thinks Sally is being soft letting Gail stay there but of course she doesn't know the whole story. Sophie decides to stick her oar in and tries to get David to ask Gail back. David said he didn't chuck her out. Well he certainly did even if he rescinded. Sophie thinks she's doing a good turn but Gail isn't about to go back and can't tell David why. She still wants to tell David the truth. So far Sally is managing to hold her back.

Stella can't believe Eva is thinking of running off with Eric and can't believe it's entirely innocent. He's quite happy someone doesn't want to use him for his money. Poor Eva really does feel like there's nothing in Weatherfield for her and after all the fuss, no wonder Eva decided to go after all except, in true soap fashion, Eric popped his clogs in the bar! Stella had already managed to make Eva see she'd be going for the wrong reasons but it was too little too late.

Gloria the drama queen is certainly making a big deal out of the obituary and her part in his life. She's only known Eric a few months. Eva is horrified that Gloria is all over Eric's solicitor. I have to say Eva really is being disrespectful of Gloria, no matter what the circumstances are. Gloria is making a fancy funeral too. She does give the impression that she's not as broken hearted as she should be so no wonder Eva and Stella are skeptical.

Gloria is really making a big full meal deal out of her dearly departed. She's practically salivating at the thought of the will. What a shock she got. Eric still had a wife and she's getting the lot. What amazingly awesome scenes between the old wife and the potential new one. Loved Doris giving the much younger solicitor solicitous glances!! Magnificent! Eva finally had enough of Gloria's crocodile tears and told her that Eric asked her to go away. Brought her down a few pegs. She's even backing out of the posh funeral and Eva wants Eric to go out with dignity, doesn't have to be as fancy but at least a bit more than a cardboard box. They're selling the jewellry to pay for it. Gloria did admit she was using Eric in the end.

Seems Eva was able to get her job back. Karl is trying to worm his way back into Stella's good graces. She's being friendly but she won't have him back. He's taking anything he can get, hoping against hope. Karl sure used Eric's death to his advantage didn't he? Managed to get his foot in the door. Karl can't resist making remarks about Jason to Stella. Just when she's feeling at least a bit more friendly but he's taking the inch and forcing a mile on her. He's obviously filled with anger and resentment. He got the smack down he deserved but I don't buy that Stella broke down in tears after he left. She should be steaming angry, not broken hearted.

Was it really necessary for Stella to be bitchy to Sunita just because Karl is stalking her? He's barraging her with texts, sending her roses that Dennis managed to bag for Rita who wasn't too pleased about getting second hand goods and that Karl overheard and went off in a strop. Then he does a Don Brennan and scares Stella in a cab ride from hell.

Are you new here? Am I? Are the writers off on their tea break? Why was the call for a cab from the brewery to somewhere called Maxwell Street when Jason was waiting at the pub and taking Stella to the Bistro? Karl took the call and Stella asked the driver to go to Weatherfield.

Lloyd finally told Mandy about the tortoise before Michelle could do it. He pretended he'd found the tortoise already dead and had him cremated. But here's a new problem. She wants his ashes! Where did Mandy dig up that ratty old box and the tortoise? Seems the people at the tip found  him and had been keeping him for the owner to turn up. How did they find out? They were taking his non-hibernation cage or "run" to the very same tip. If you ask me, Steve chucking that grubby old box out was entirely understandable. Mandy's making Lloyd pay by not telling him and Jenna is letting Flash stretch his legs in Sophie's back garden! It's all a bit bizarre.

Ok, let's spread Flash's ashes over the red rec. The ashes of car magazines and pine cones. I think she was pushing things making him wear a tie but good old Lloyd isn't really all that bright, is he? He got a faceful of ashes for his trouble. I'd say he had that coming.

As expected, Faye really pushes things to the limit. I understand her wanting to talk to her father but she's like any kid isn't she? She's determined to have her own way and pushes so much that people than have to shout at her and it then makes Anna and Owen feel even more threatened.  Tim tried to back out of going to the play because he knows Anna and Owen don't want him there and he had something else lined up but Owen reversed himself and talked him into it. If you want to be a father, be one, don't do it when you feel like it. He's right there isn't he.  All the kids on the street are in the play too from the sounds of it.

Katy's sniffing around Ryan. Urgh. Talk about white noise. I think one of thoese scenes between them was Ryan telling Katy about a job at the kebab shop. I can't make out either one of them. So, Ryan is going to work days and Katy is going to work nights but what do you want to bet we never see them doing individual shifts alone? So far, Chesney seems like he'll be supportive of Katy working. Sure enough, she's not working on her own, she's an assistant. Ryan is a womanizer, he's just lapping up the attention and sure enough, they end up snogging their faces off after a mildly smoldering look from Katy. I could puke.

Ryan seems to be on a mission to um... do something. I think. Naturally he has to strip down in front of Katy. She's definitely well into crush territory and he's relishing it, isn't he? Katy covered for Ryan but Dev wasn't fooled. Chesney wasn't happy either. He's coming over all cranky and it's so contrived. I didnt' think it could get worse than Ryan and Tracy but I was wrong. Fiz and Tina both told Chesney a few home truths and Chesney persuaded Dev to talk Katy back into the job. Her guilt knows no bounds. Ryan...Katy... Chesney... Boring, boring boring. White noise. Chesney doesn't even like Ryan much and now he wants to hang out?

Fiz gets to see Tyrone in the nick. We have a trial date, too, March 25 but he thinks his fate is already sealed. What a martyr! Self sacrifice doesn't really look good on anyone and that's what he's doing by telling Fiz not to wait for him. She's not having it. She's sticking with him no matter what. The evidence is circumstantial, exaggerated by Kirsty but I have faith she'll get her comeuppance. It's soap law. He's grateful for her support, really.  

At least Beth and Julie don't really make too much of a effort to wind up Fiz but Tracy makes a hobby out of upsetting people. Roy comes out on Tyrone's side and Fiz makes sure they all know how much crow they'll all be eating. Fiz is bereft for Tyrone. Roy is supportive but doesn't really know what else to say. Have faith. Pat, pat. You gotta love Roy! Fiz and Tina are going to get their heads together to try to find a way to help. Oh good idea, Tyrone put Kirsty's mother into Fiz's mind which sends Fiz and Tina to talk to Alison. Alison wasn't inclined to believe no matter what they said to her but it obviously made her think and it got her questioning Kirsty.

Paul wants to get back into shape. You'd think a fireman would be working out all the time. And he's eating healthy. That's highly suspicious. Well it turns out he's doing a volunteer stint in a Fully Monty. I don't know about you lot, but I'm SO there! Paul didn't want anyone to know but Sean can't contain his excitement and told everyone and they're so there too. Sean didn't look very contrite :) Eileen seems ok with the Full Monty event that Paul's mate Tony is organizing. Only it's a woman, and that puts a whole different spin on things. Steve made her sound like a pole dancer!

Did Steve have a bad hair day, why else would he wear that tea cozy on his head! Sunita and Dev seem to be making friends again. I suppose working together helps and Karl is out of her house. The surrogacy storyline seems to have faded away aside from Tina's growing bump.

Are you new here? Am I? Are the writers off on their tea break? Why was the call for a cab from the brewery to somewhere called Maxwell Street when Jason was waiting at the pub and taking Stella to the Bistro? Karl took the call and Stella asked the driver to go to Weatherfield. The only thing I can think is that Newton and Ridley's is ON Maxwell Street and the way Eileen said it just sounded the other way around.

AHA!!! Did you hear Rita wondering why Dennis was spending his pension on roses for her?! I KNEW he had to be getting his pension. Why on earth was he in such a funk about having to get a job?

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missusmac said...

* white noise for me was the whole Tor-Toys story line. It was funny when Steve was 'shell-shocked' and he and Lloyd were trading one liners. As soon as Mandy got involved, blah blah blah blah blah. For the first time in my life, I fast forwarded through episodes. ALMOST ready to do that with the Ryan/Katie plot line.
* I did laugh out loud at the Tony's not a girl you say no to reaction from Steve. Just that 2 seconds of dead silence after Paul left, and then Steve's facial expressions and comments after, was worth sitting through a week of Tor-Toys and Toy boys plots!

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