Monday, 3 March 2014

Corrie Canada weekly awards for Feb. 24 - 28

Daggers Drawn award: Fiz and Anna were really at each other's throats over that flooded cafe.

Slimy little pipsqueak award: Todd.

Musical ambiance: Tracy listening to Slave to Love.

Fashion Disaster award: Dennis reliving Happy Days as The Fonz. Ritchie even called him Fonzarelli.

Corrie History Shoutout: Gail talking about almost moving to London with Susie Birchill.

Weight of the World award: Not only is Anna worried about Roy but she's got Phelan creeping her out as well.

Why? did Tina call Lloyd's personal mobile to order a cab? did Peter lick the envelope on the Valentine and when he gave it to her it was still open? would Spider think Emily would enjoy Breaking Bad? She might, I suppose, but it's an odd fit.

Bitch award: Gloria.

Carb fail award: Liz might think eggs are low in carbs and help her keep her girlish figure, but noshing on toast at the same time kind of ruins the effect, which, I'm sure, was the point.

Smug pillock award: Peter. Phelan.

Lines of the week:
Deirdre "If I'd wanted to tiptoe around, I'd have taken up ballet"
Amy to Rob "Gran thinks you should be neutered. What's neutered?" (Line of the week, that one!)
Ritchie to Michelle "Humble as well as stunning"
Rita "I'm off to the Rovers" Dennis "I'll come with yer" Rita "It WASN'T an invitation"
Tracy "I know you think I'm an idiot" Deirdre "Well if you are, we know where you get it from!" (superb!)
Rita "That getup has made you brave" (hasn't it just?)
Tina to Dennis "She has always, ALWAYS been there for you" (well not really)
Rita "I sometimes wonder how much of this I brought on myself. I should have taken Dennis more seriously" (FINALLY)
Todd "I am Snow White in skinny jeans"
Anna about Valerie "She's like The Only Way is Essex on HRT"
Dennis "You are the Queen of my Heart"
Valerie "Pat's always had a low boredom threshold" (so that's what this is all about)
Tony "I never underestimate blondes"

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missusmac said...

Peter. Phelan. Hahahahahaha!

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