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Sunday Comments March 30

We've seen the new outdoor set this week and I think they've spruced up some of the interior ones, too. The ladies' in the pub has had a face lift and change around. The loo doors were on the other side of the room last time we were in there.

Faye needs a new bag. They're pretty cheap, really. I think i like Luke so far. Never heard of curing a hangover by hanging upside down. Poor Julie. Small change for charity or save it for the gym? Dev's already trying to sell memberships and Anna has his sales pitch figured out. So what? In anyone's world, 15 pound a month is pretty cheap for a gym membership.

Jenna doesn't seem to be too keen on Lloyd and Andrea's blossoming relationship. They really seem to be setting the Lloyd and Andrea relationship up for a fall, hinting that she actually fancies Steve and he her. But it's been subtle and low key. I do wonder what happened to their night class. Is it over now? It seemed to have dropped off the radar quite suddenly without any final exam or essays due or the like.

Phelan is really waving that red rag before Gary's bullish temper like he's really trying to make him attack him again. To be fair, when the boss asks you to go do something, you should really do it not tell him you're busy. But Phelan is playing games and Owen knows it. Gary is too hot headed and he needs to remember his family and suck it up. If he doesn't rise to it, Phelan will lose interest eventually like any bully. Owen would know that, as well. Takes one to know one. And when Phelan overheard Owen warning Gary, you could see the look in his face, he was determined to play the game!

Nice touch, Owen revealing a bit of vulnerability telling the story when his wife left him and he had to do what he had to in order to look after his children. Owen's method of revenge was a lot more subtle, making forged invoices for small amounts! But after the way Phelan was winding them up and with all that animostity, I really don't believe they'd all then socialize together in the pub like best mates.

Maybe it was all for show but when most of them knew the real deal, it seemed wrong somehow. Katy didn't know that and she gave him a gobful, giving him even more reason to be patronizing and upping the ante on the whole game. Pushing the deadline forward. Winding up Gary and Owen with trivial tasks.

Eva's getting domestic, making Jason's lunch for him. Jason is gearing up to start the conversion and doesn't want Tony's help. How is he going to get it wired? Don't you need to be a qualified electrician? Also for the plumbing, you probably need to be qualified to do the sort of work that would need doing in this project. Don't think Jason is either of those. It's a lot of work for just one person, too. Even Dev thinks so. Seems unrealistic. Tony will worm his way in there, though, with Eva's pressure tactics, too.

But if everyone would stop mithering Jason, he might get something done. And why are they all expecting miracles on the very first day? I think he knows very well that Tony stole those tools to help him.

Steve really doesn't trust Tony and doesn't like his mother getting involved. Sean agrees. Eileen agrees. Jason agrees. Lloyd agrees. The only one that doesn't, it seems, is Liz even if she says she's got the measure of Tony. She took a strip off Steve for rudeness and his attitude towards Tony. Par for the course. Tony's birthday drinks do was bound to be a disaster. But only for Steve after Tony read him the riot act. Nice.

Steph's brother, Luke is a qualified mechanic and Tyrone needs help. Sorted, or it soon will be, that's obvious. Tina is so naive and even Steph can see it. I think she could be a really good friend to Tina.

Peter's mind isn't on his work, Carla's whizzing on French caffeine. Tina's also walking around distracted. Tina is telling Steph a lot of intimate details, pretending it's for her friend. Steph might not be that bright but even she could figure it out. I do find it odd that she and Tina would be so affectionate after last week when Tina could barely stand to look at her new roommate. I guess confession is good for the friendship as well as the soul.

And now Peter knows Steph knows (though not the identity, and Liz knows) which adds on the pressure because let's face it, he doesn't want this to come out, does he? His reaction, and putting her off with "When the time is right" should really be ringing alarm bells but of course it doesn't. Peter didn't want to say those three little words Tina wanted to hear, but he did, and you know he only did it to keep her on side so she doesn't tell Carla. She whined and nagged and he finally said it. Does she feel triumphant, full of joy? or does she feel a little more defeated because she practically had to drag it out of him. I bet it was a bit of a pyrric victory.

You want to ratchet up the pressure even more? Carla's pregnant! Peter doesn't know yet. Carla doesn't think she wants a baby but getting a termination is intimidating, too.

Carla's lost her hated step father but is experiencing mixed feelings. As you do. Plus that pregnancy thing. And it's stirred up a lot of old demons, it seems. She's terrified she wouldn't be able to love a child after her mother's treatment of her. She's terrified a baby would thrown her marraige into the gutter, send him to the arms of someone else. Well it's too late for that, isn't it!? She thinking of maybe having an abortion and not telling Peter but Michelle can see she's conflicted. And Peter's using Carla's stepdad's death as an excuse not to tell Carla about his affair. Tina is determined to tell Carla the truth. I think. Or is she just breaking up with Peter?

I'm starting to like Sally and Tim together. Yes, he's feckless and yes she's snobby but when she's not on her high horse, they do kind of work. Maddie's sorted out her injuries. (Did they really keep her all night for a few scrapes and bruises?) Sophie wants Maddie to stay over a few nights. Sally doesn't want "vagrants" living there and she knows darn well once Maddie moves in, Sophie will insist she stay. But with Tim backing Sophie, (because Sophie knows Maddie was the one that beat him up) Sally's outnumbered.

Maddie was scared silly to go in though, knowing she's got to face Sally's wave of antagonism. And Sally was antagonistic, blatantly hiding her handbag from Maddie, showing her mistrust. And it's probably well-placed considering Maddie is always nicking things, even right under Sophie's nose, probably just to prove a point. And I see that the "one or two nights" seems to be extending, just as Sally reckoned. And though I didn't mind this storyline before, it's starting to get on my last nerve. I really don't buy them as a couple. If Jenna and Sophie had little in common, Maddie and Sophie have even less.

Roy seems distracted and he's not pulling his weight in the cafe. Well, you know, why should they expect him back full time? He's just lost his wife. Give him a break! Roy's buying things and ordering things. Meanwhile, Fiz wants to do some sort of fundraising in Hayley's name. Roy is getting more and more detached. He's letting things go at the cafe and he's not picked up Hayley's ashes yet, as well. They're starting to realize that Roy seems to be keeping to himself a lot, maybe more than is good for him? Thus, Fiz gets another bee in her bonnet and starts to poke her nose in again.

Sean went in to book a cab and left without telling Steve when he wanted it. Peter had been smoking a cig, went upstairs and kissed Tina, a non-smoker and she didn't even flinch! Maybe Michelle Keegan is a smoker? I could understand Todd keeping his relationship with Marcus a secret from Sean as a kindness since they used to be together, but only if Todd were serious about Marcus, which he isn't and only if Todd were a truly kind and thoughtful person. Which he's not. Fiz seems to be a bit curious about Marcus' behaviour especially after seeing Todd follow Marcus out from the ginnel.

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