Monday, 24 March 2014

Updated opening titles to be used in tonight's Corrie

(This post was originally posted by Chewy on the Coronation Street Blog in March 2013.)

Digital Spy has confirmed that Coronation Street will be getting an updated set of titles starting with the next episode on Monday, (tonight in Canada) to coincide with the switch to the Trafford set.

I loved the titles when they were first introduced in 2010, but they quickly dated when a tram came flying onto the cobbles, not to forget the Bistro being built and the Rovers getting a new look.

I'm glad Corrie have used the switchover as an opportunity to update the titles, while the bulk of the titles will be staying the same, the two shots showing the street will be updated to reflect the past few years of changes on the street.

I do wonder if the new set will still feature the tram, which has appeared in the opening titles since 2002.

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