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Sunday Comments March 16

Gary doesn't think it's so bad working for Phelan but Izzy, knowing Anna's predicament, is circumspect. Phelan catches Anna and Owen snogging and makes Anna admit she's looking forward to dinner tonight but really, she's not looking forward to the group hug at the Bistro tonight at all and we all know Phelan is the reason. She admits it to Izzy, as well, and then plays right into Phelan's hands by texting him to come and see her. She wants to tell him once and for all to leave her alone. Izzy isn't so sure that's a good idea. You know darn well he's taken all this as an invitation and moves in to kiss her. You can see where he'd take that signal and she should have known better and she got herself into a scary situation that could have ended up a whole lot worse. Unfortunately, he's going to hold that over her.

She's managed to beg off the meal so she's avoided the situation for now. She's probably thinking "How could I be so stupid?" I wonder the same thing. Gary seems to enjoy Phelan's company. Izzy knew there was more to Anna's "virus" than meets the eye but Anna wouldn't admit it. Not that night. Izzy has no love for Phelan either, not now and Gary's catching on so Izzy told him that Phelan was coming on to Anna. And we know what kind of hothead Gary is. He's going to mither Izzy until he gets all the details and look what happened? He couldn't hold his temper in, as expected.

Meanwhile, Jake is fussy and it turns out he's not too well. She can't get Gary on the phone and it's off to the hospital. But where is Phelan? He was gone a few minutes to fetch Owen and then told Owen the whole story. Gary's the one with the record, let's not forget. Phelan may not know that but he could go down for a very long time for it.

The baby's ok, but where the heck were you, Gary and Izzy was right to be angry. It would have been superb if Phelan had been sitting in A&E when Gary walked in. Maybe it wouldn't happen, I don't know if they have a separate hospital for children like they do here.

Well now that Owen knows the situation, is he going to believe Anna's side of it or what Phelan said to Gary? You know he's got a suspicious mind, right? He even as much as admitted it's human to think the worst. But he shouldn't trust Phelan and he never did before. Now, it's a disaster on a slippery slope and I don't think they're going to come out of this.

Poor Rita. It's her birthday. Some birthday! Her friends know she's hurting. Everyone offers tea, sympathy and birthday pressies but Rita being Rita, she is putting on a brave front, telling them things could be worse. "Nobody's died" but inside, her heart is crushed and naturally, getting a text from the errant husband saying he's sorry only makes matters worse. That's got to hurt! And why would he want Rita to forgive him unless he's hoping to come crawling back some day?

Probably the worst thing about it is that the gossip is rampant. She's catching everyone talking about it. There were some lovely scenes between Norris and Rita. Norris, for a change, is very kind to her and points out that he knows it gets harder to get over something like this the older you get and though that's a bit less than tactful, he's right and she knows it but he also knows she'll get through it because she's strong. Norris wouldn't say I Told You So even though he probably thinks it. And Dennis did love her and probably still does. She wonders how you can know someone for 50 years and not really know them. But that's not really true. She may have met him 50 years ago but had no contact with him for most of that.

Never mind. Hold your head up high and celebrate your birthday with drinks in the pub. Good girl! And more lovely scenes with Norris walking Rita home.

Todd's sucking up to Eileen making bacon butties but is short with Sean. Todd does admit that him and Sean had no chance of a relationship. Eileen still doesn't trust Todd, though. Marcus is acting quiet and like he's got the weight of the world on his shoulder, which he blames on changes at work when Maria notices. As a result, though, he's working on making it up to Maria for something she doesn't even know he's done with a nice meal and a huge bunch of flowers.

Sean has told Eileen that he never had a chance with Todd and reveals that Todd is in love with someone else. That's news to Eileen but her radar goes up straight away. Todd knew darn well Sean couldn't keep it to himself and as we know, Sean has already told Marcus and we saw the end result of that.

Now Eileen gets to do the math and she's adding it up correctly. She bluffed Marcus and he didn't even have to admit it, which he did, because his face didn't half give it away. Todd pointed out that Marcus wants the family but that's not what he really wants. He's right, of course. Todd is really winding up Marcus, and now that Eileen knows, Marcus is afraid he's going to lose everything.

Roy seems to be functioning as normally as he ever does, maybe, his friends think, he's moving ahead? I think it's a tad too soon to assume that, mind you, but for Roy, a normal routine is what gets him through the day. And when Roy is explaining the history of the Doner "shish" kebab, and of croissants, we know he's at least upright and in the "normal" groove, no matter that he is probably hurting inside. Roy's still getting parcels delivered, too. Mary's more curious about what's in it that Roy is, leading us to believe it's just something he's ordered. Another train model, apparently. Seems Hayley's gift has sparked an interest for him.

But he's not ready to clear out her things yet. And he doesn't need to be, not just yet. Fiz shouldn't push.

Kal has to finance his part of the gym through a loan from his father because the banks weren't too cooperative. No choice or they would lose the location. It was his last choice but his father was happy to stick his fingers in the pie. You know his father is going to want to take over the whole thing from the sounds of it. We now meet Sharif who seems a bit controlling. This could end badly. He's already questioning Jason's estimates and wanting to use his own friend to do the work instead. He's taking over and even Dev can't seem to stand up to him. He didn't even tell Jason about the new builders until days later. Who's running this show, anyway? Not Dev. Not Kal. How do you spell "Disaster in the making?"

Well, Tony told Jason to up his price and now Jason has lost the job because of it. Let down again. But Todd implied that Jason was really more angry at himself than his dad. And Eileen was willing to give Tony a break until she saw him with Liz.

Dev is sobbing on Stella's shoulder and from the look in his eye, he's starting to develop a feeling or two there, I would say. Dev's turning 50 and Stella's going to fix up a surprise party. He deserves it. Laughed at Dev moaning about turning 50 and prodding his face for sags and wrinkles. Nice touch.

Chesney seemed pretty interested in a passing remark Dev made about the ownership of a kebab shop. Maybe he'll buy Prima Doner and start his business empire! Sinead and Beth both had the day off and it looked as if Izzy did, too. Not much work getting done in the factory that episode. Sinead and Beth had lunch on the Bistro, on Kirk's pound. Beth raided his wallet. Is it odd that he didn't have it with him? Off to the Bingo but they didn't win anything. Still, Beth ended up giving a pickpocket the boot, quite literally when she clocked the guy with her boot! Good description Sinead gave but surely there would be CCTV as well?

Liz got all done up and got dumped by Deirdre so why waste a good makeup job and all that cleavage? Tony's free! He protests that relationships are more trouble than they're worth but company, now that's different. Can you see what's coming? A mile away! Eileen certainly wasn't overly pleased to see it. But is Liz willing to see Eileen might be right that Tony is a waster? Does Eileen still have feelings for Tony?

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Rebecca said...

Talk about over reacting! A little temp and Izzy loses her marbles! Off to the hospital for that?

Anonymous said...

Just over 39 degrees is borderline for concern. What I can't figure out is why the writers have forgotten there's a medical clinic at the end of the street, especially for Izzy, who can't use most cabs. More careless, sloppy writing! They're trying to heighten the tension with the Phelan situation, but this is just silly.

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