Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Tina and Peter: Classic Corrie or contrived and dodgy?

(This post was originally posted by Graeme N on the Coronation Street Blog in February 2013.)

Tina and Peter. Whichever way I look at it I think it's just wrong wrong wrong! I know this storyline has been put together to give Michelle Keegan an "explosive" exit and Chris Gascoyne the opportunity to take another break, but it just feels so contrived and dodgy.

First of all, and probably most importantly, I just don't agree that the characters work well together. I don't see the chemistry. Stuart Blackburn has done some interesting things so far with Corrie, some good and some less so, but this isn't right. Blackburn has said how much he is enjoying this storyline so far and I just cannot agree with him. There was no slow burn with this one. One minute Peter and Tina would pass on the street without the faintest interaction or glimmer of recognition, the next they are up those shakey stairs and into his pokey flat, tearing each others clothes off like there's no tomorrow. 

Also, Carla, femme fatale of Weathefield, has a less than glittering track record when it comes to female friends. However yet again, Carla and Tina are suddenly buddies, despite having previously had nowt to do with one another. Contrived, or just plain odd?

I know Peter has an addictive personality but would he become so quickly, passionately obsessed with Tina little more than five minutes after marrying the most eligible woman in Weatherfield? I for one very much doubt it. The man was snogging Tina at the wedding reception for goodness sake! I've come to really loathe Peter of late. Chris Gascoyne has always been brilliant, however the sleazy lothario we see before us really is one step too far. Even his previous bigamy storyline didn't feel as sordid as this - although maybe I'm wrong. As Bet Lynch once commented on one of Elsie Tanner's dubious boyfriends "He'd be shouting gerrup them stairs in a bungalow!"

As for Tina's motivation for the affair, who knows. Yes I know she was heartbroken when Tommy Duckworth ran off into the night. And yes, I know Tina was heartbroken over the Izzy/Gary/baby Jake/Joe fiasco, but would either of these developments really fling her into the waiting arms of Peter?

I really didn't like Tina the other night when she convinced Rita she was staying in Weatherfield just for her. We all knew the real reason.

So are you enjoying the ongoing Peter/Tina storyline or are you, like me, suddenly finding yourself volunteering for household chores whenever they start locking lips on screen?

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Anonymous said...

Really agree with your comments. This so called love affair is a waste of air time.

Anonymous said...

I never bought this storyline and I cannot even bear to watch these parts of the show right now. I'm just waiting for it all to blow up and blow over.

Jacqui said...

Is this the same Tina that has been threatening anyone guilty of any wrongdoing that if they don't come clean she is going to out them? David comes to mind, and I'm sure there was another one. I just don't like her character and will be glad to see her go.

missusmac said...

I couldn't agree more Jacqui. She was frankly annoying with all that holier than thou stuff. I would have been more okay with this plot line if Tina had even once said something like "I've made everyone fess up, I've always told the truth, and where did it get me? So now I'm going to be the bad girl." Peter is already a known cheating bigamist guy with a death wish, we would have bought this from him. Her, naw.

Anonymous said...

The sleaze factor on the show has gone over the top for me in the last year. It's as if the writers have only one trick in their bag. It's tedious and lazy, and it must be boring for the actors. This particular storyline is entirely unconvincing. It's embarrassing to watch.

Tvor said...

Great comments everyone! A few years ago, I was at an event where an actor was about to embark on a similar storyline that eventually proved just as unpopular with the viewers. But he said that, as an actor, he was just happy to have a good storyline that he could sink his teeth into, regardless of it's popularity/unpopularity and when you think of it from their point of view, I guess even if the storyline doesn't always make sense to us, they like having the work and being busy and having challenges. I would imagine these two actors playing Tina and Peter are quite happy to have a front burner storyline

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