Sunday, 9 March 2014

Dennis reverts to type

Llifon wanted to know whether Rita and Dennis ever really worked as a couple. I have to agree that though I loved the characters individually and I did like seeing them get together at first, in the long run, they were not an equal couple. It didn't really have anything to do with Rita being the one that supported them financially. There was no reason for all that business to do with Dennis having to rely on her for money. He's of pensionable age so why wouldn't he have a bit of money of his own?

It became clear over time, that she really was taking him for granted. Perhaps just looking for someone as a companion in her final years? Dennis has always been a bit of a lad. Llifon mentioned that he saw Rita and Dennis as friends and I would agree with that, as well. If it hadn't been for Lewis being in the picture or colouring Audrey's recent past with heartbreak, I could have seen him with her as a great couple. Rita may have been a rival to Elsie, Dennis' mother, back in the day but enough time has past that I never saw that as a barrier to this couple but their chemistry as lovers didn't gel.

Rita was dragging Dennis down. Dennis returned on a downswing in his life but he still had that bounce and love for life and adventure, a scheme or two, and a cheeky joke. Rita isn't the going concern she used to be and, as most women at her age, you wouldn't expect her to be. She's settled, she's comfortable and she wanted company. The opportunity to get back into the music business was right up his alley and he proved that he was good at it. Gloria loved helping out but Rita decimated his confidence at every turn.

Dennis may love Rita but I don't think it's the same kind of passion he will have for Gloria. She really is more supportive and isn't trying to change him. They're two of a kind. It's been obvious in recent weeks. Dennis and Gloria both are still very young at heart and still looking for a life that contains the unexpected. It's what drives both of them. They may not last but by'eck they'll have a good time while it lasts.

He went from this, looking at a long, predictable life:

To this, most definitely not knowing what was around the next corner:

You can hardly blame him, can you?

Philip Lowrie and Sue Johnston were both sadly underused. Both actors sparkle on screen but can only be as good as the material they're given. It was nice to have a Tanner back on the screen with the occasional references to the past. I suppose they decided on Rita to be Dennis' wife because of the history and the temptation of having another red-headed Mrs. Tanner was too much to resist.

If Dennis ever does return, probably with his tail between his legs in defeat, he'll still be happier for the adventure. If he does come back, I hope Rita doesn't take him back and he becomes a strong character in his own right. If he doesn't come back, I'll wish him well.

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