Monday, 10 March 2014

Corrie Canada Weekly Awards for March 3 - 8

You Say It's Your Birthday: I think Steve and Lloyd thought their birthdays came together too, getting an eyeful of naked Tina.

Pants on Fire award: Peter, in Weatherfield, lying to Carla that he's still in Paris waiting for his late afternoon flight.

Switched at Birth award: Never mind Michelle's kid/s, Amy prefers museums to games? Whose child is she? Tracy even agreed there might have been a switch!

Like mother like daughter award: Uh oh, Amy's becoming very good at manipulating isn't she?

Scrubber award: Tracy, appropriately, get to dress up as a Victorian maid.

Inner Geek award: Roy and the steam engines and later, with his train set.

Manipulation Award: Todd gets the gold medal this week for his performances and using Sean to make inroads with Marcus. And it worked.

Flash in the pan award: Marcus and Todd. Quick, innit?

Lines of the week: 
Dennis "Might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb" (see ya!)
Mary to Rita "Do you really want to enjoy years of loneliness and weight problems before the lucrative comeback tour?"
Gloria to Ritchie "We've got an oral contract" Ritchie "Which isn't worth the paper it isn't written on"
Tracy about the costume "Me, Steve and Amy could all fit in it and still have room for packed lunches"
Gloria "What do you want to drink? We don't serve Horlick's"
Tracy to Steve "Why are you dressed like a pimp?"
Gloria "You've taken me in. Mended me broken wings. Released me back into the wild."
Sean "It was the gentlest knock back ever. I feel like i've been beaten up by angels' wings"
Mary "Doesn't that make you a nuclear blast, Rita?" Rita "I could live with that!"
Gail "Purse full of euros, heart full of dreams. All went wrong at the last minute" and "she'll be living it up while i'm careering towards old age reading pamphlets on stair lifts and mobility scooters"

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