Monday, 24 March 2014

Corrie Canada weekly awards for March 17 - 21

Reality check award: Tina now has to share Peter with Carla again and she's got a roomie that's going to make things difficult to see him as well. Dev thought Stella was inviting him to hers for a romantic evening. It was his birthday surprise party instead.

Cheeky award: Steph's brother, Luke. But he might be kind of fun to have around on first impressions.

Fashion What? award: Liz's onesie.

No tact award: Tim called Dev out on his big embarassment where everyone else was a lot more tactful.

Doing it the hard way: Why did Peter offer a whole night in a hotel to Tina now that Carla's back? Wouldn't it have been easier to do it while she was still in Paris?

Referee Fail award: Deidre wasn't able to keep Liz and Eileen from a loud scrap in the Bistro.

Ironic award: Todd telling Eileen that Honesty is the best Policy.

Masterchef Fail: Carla can barely open a tin or operate the microwave. What made her think she could cook Indonesian?

Rock and a hard place award: Phelan has video evidence of the attack. Gary and Owen are up against that hard wall.

Lines of the week:
Val "If you see him, tell him there's a warpath and I'm on it" and "He's my husband to slag off, luv, not yours"
Peter to Carla "Let's get you out of them wet clothes" Carla "You're not still using that one?" Peter "Never fails me" (dog)
Tim about charity shop workers "I bet some of them can remember when Stonehenge were a field"
Deirdre to Eileen "We're too long in the tooth to be falling out over fellas" (too right)
Gary "Why make him suffer as well" Owen "Because I can."
Maddie about Norris "He's like Golum without the personality"
Liz to Tina "You are just another bottle of booze to him. And when he's had his fill, he'll chuck you out like all the other empties"
Graham the builder "It's beautiful. Ireland that is, not my wife"

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