Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Would Rita and Norris be good together after all?

(This post was originally posted by Graeme N on the Coronation Street Blog in February 2013.)

We saw some lovely scenes last night involving heartbroken Rita and Norris as her good friend and ally. They reminded me of the "old Corrie" - we could all relate to what we were watching and I'm sure we all cared about poor Rita and were heartened to see Norris show his softer side once again.

This has led me to ponder whether perhaps Rita would have been better settling down with Norris rather than that rascal Dennis. Several people have commented that Rita and Dennis were never suited, never a good match on screen and that they couldn't see them as a "romantic" couple.

I don't necessarily think this was down to the age difference in the characters either. What started out as one old friend helping out another in a time of need quickly turned into a romance when in actual fact I don't think there had been any of that for Rita and Dennis in the past.

I'm not saying Rita needs a man, I'm just sad for her being on her own again. I know she said she'd had plenty of happiness in her life and that she had been loved but she has been left by all her partners one way or another. Len died on his way back from his fancy piece; Alan Bradley tried to kill her and was subsequently hit by That Tram; Ted died of a brain tumour not long into their marriage; it didn't work out with Alec Gilroy and Colin Grimshaw was a non-starter. Even Mavis left her in the end to run a B&B in Cartmel.

However Norris was right last night - Rita is strong, tough and resilient and this is great to see in an older woman on television.

I love Rita and Norris together, both when they bicker and when Norris shows how much he cares for her. In many ways he values and respects Rita more than Dennis ever did or probably could. I guess in many ways their on screen partnership has lasted longer than most Weatherfield marriages! Perhaps it's best that they never get together, not even in a platonic sense as Corrie can excel in that "what might have been" way. I just can't help wondering what might have happened if Rita had accepted that marriage proposal from Norris...

So what do you think of Rita and Norris? Did you enjoy the scenes last night? Do you think Norris would be better for Rita than Dennis ever could have been?

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Anonymous said...

Although I loved the scenes where Norris redeemed himself, at least to me (he has been pretty awful lately), NO to Rita & Norris as a couple. They know each other well, are solid friends, and support each other when needed. I think a more intimate relationship would bring up the "yick" factor, to Rita as well as me.
Please let them stay friends, gossipers, tea buddies and occasional shoulders to cry on, but a "relationship", NO WAY.

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