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Sunday Comments March 9

Peter lies to Carla who's at a meeting. She thinks he's still in Paris walking along the Seine when he's actually caught an early flight back to Manchester and arrived on the street to surprise Tina. Carla had an early meeting in Paris. It must have been before the crack of dawn if he was able to leave after her, get to the airport, fly to Manchester, get a cab home before most everyone had even gone to work yet. You might get back an hour from the time zone change but that's still pushing it.

Anyway, nobody knows he's back and she wangles the day off work so they have all day to play house and play house they do. But they nearly get caught when Steve and Lloyd use Michelle's key to check because there's an unexpected light on (and the flat's supposed to be empty). The lads get an eyeful but only of Tina, not Peter and she's able to cover, physically and figuratively and nobody's the wiser. For now.

Why on earth was Tina that late for her rent and doesn't seem to have the money to pay it? She had all kinds of cash not that long ago, leftover from the baby thing and she's got her job back. She was very insulted that Peter offered to help her financially. If she gets Steph as a lodger, though they may sometimes have opposite evening shifts.

Dennis is very very sorry and is a very good groveller. Will Rita reconsider? Gloria keeps trying to undermine them by pouring poison into Dennis' ear about the unsuitability and predictable end of his marraige. She even tries to use Ritchie but that doesn't work very well because Ritchie has dumped them as management. Dennis is quite happy to let Ritchie go beca
use it's been more trouble for him than it was worth though he did make out that he was ditching the Rock and Roll lifestyle rather than it ditching him. Semantics.

Rita's taking Dennis back again and what does she do? Wave him under Gloria's nose and what does Gloria do? Out Dennis' latest lie. He just can't help himself, can he? But she managed to overlook it, much to Gloria's chagrin. Gloria's feeling rejected and it wasn't that Ritchie that made her feel like that. It was Dennis, wasn't it? She's not going to take it all sitting down. She needs excitement in her life and that red sports car and the prospect of an open road might be the ticket.

She feels like an invisible old biddy and still wants adventure. Rita was quite happy to hear Gloria was leaving but was unkind likening her to a cockroach. It's too bad she's going, I liked Gloria but they never really used to her to her full potential. Even more so with Dennis. The actor was so good that he would leap off the screen in any small scene and he was criminally underused.

She invited Dennis to go with her, live life on the edge and you could see it certainly appealed to him. He does like her a lot and may even be in love. And considering he's always skint, it looks like he's trading in one Sugar Momma for another. Gloria's offered lifestyle has always been more Dennis' style, I think. They had a leaving do in the Bistro without the guest of honour. I'm not quite sure why Gail had joined them but it was superb to have a reference to her almost-flit with Lewis! And she was jealous and bitter about Gloria's adventure, fun to watch!

Aww, but it was sweet of Emily to pull Mary away to the jukebox to let Dennis and Rita talk, they were obviously at odds. He may only have eyes for her but her continual putting him down and her disappointment weighed on him and he was seeing a long uneventful life stretching endlessly ahead of him. Outside, Gloria has a red convertible sportscar, ready to hit the road. She must have done well out of her share of the Rovers sale. But how did he know that Gloria hadn't already left? He didn't even say a proper good bye.

Fiz is frantic about Roy. Everyone tries to reassure her that he's just having some alone time but she is beside herself. When Roy's satchel is fished out a canal and delivered to the cafe by the police, she tears open a parcel that had been delivered for Roy earlier. It's not a clue, though, just a train set Hayley had ordered for him before she died. The police agree he's high risk and are considering an underwater search. They're all back out on the streets looking again to no avail. Where's Roy?

In other news, Amy is becoming disturbingly manipulative, talking her mother and father both into attending a museum Victorian day each unaware the other is being roped into it until it's too late to back out. She also got them to dress up in Victorian costume but hey, nobody else was doing it except the guides! Fun. Tracy gets the short end of that stick in a costume far too large for her and not a swanky Lady's outfit but a scrubber. Appropriate.

The Victorian Day out was kind of fun, if short lived. Steve playing the big I Am seeing as he was already dressed like a tour guide, he did get to use some of that history he's been learning but it ended up in him looking a right twonk as usual but it all served to bring Roy back on our screens. He finally turns up out of the blue at the museum during Victorian day to let loose his inner steam engine geek a little. It seemed like it was Tracy that was the one that persuaded Roy to return with her crack about people thinking he was dead. Ironic there, too.

I'm glad Roy finally came back. Fiz really needed a break and so did we all from her moaning. I think Roy has realized just how many people do care about him. At least he's got his satchel back. It was a lovely scene with Fiz and he talking about how people need people and it's one day at a time. He seemed different in some way. Maybe a bit more vulnerable than usual. No wonder, though. But if Fiz keeps hovering around him, she could drive him back out the door, like Tyrone said.

Todd is still buzzing around Marcus like a bee to a flower, pushing buttons and flirting. Marcus may or may not be wearing down under the onslaught. He even used his fatherless state to play the pity card. I'm still waiting for Eileen to mark his cards. Todd is definitely having an effect and you can see that there's a spark of attraction. We know Todd is a slime but lust knows no conscience. I'm pretty sure Todd is only persuing Marcus to see if he can bring him back to the other bus, it's a challenge. Now he's bringing Sean into the mix, using his sympathies because he knows Sean always disapproved of Marcus and Maria's relationship.

That little performance with the welcome back Roy and agreeing about an apostrophe catastrophe on the sign felt more like it was for Marcus' benefit didn't it? I am liking the storyline and thoroughly disliking Todd but that's ok, too because we aren't supposed to like him. Anyway. Sean passed on the information that Todd is "in love" to Marcus as was his hope and then, "forgetting his phone" and presenting himself on a plate with an empty house. Result!

Marcus and Todd were up them stairs and back down in no time flat, so it seemed. Ok, I know it happened from the end of one episode to the next but he was supposed to be with Maria at 6, was late when they went up the stairs and the next couple arrived on time at 6:10. Maria barely got her conversation done with the agent when we saw the lovers reappear.

Meanwhile, Tony is pushing Jason to insist on a higher bid for the gym. I think he's right in one way. Jason really shouldn't be doing it for so little money. He'll probably lose money not make any profit at all and that's not good but of course being too pushy will only push Dev and Kal elsewhere.

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