Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Time Corrie's Jenna was given something to do?

(This post was originally posted by Graeme N on the Coronation Street Blog in March 2014.)

Isn't it about time the Corrie writers found Jenna Kamara something to do? Since her split from Sophie she has been very much a background character while Sophie has embarked on a whole new storyline helping the homeless and being pursued by Maddie.

I think we all agree that Jenna and Sophie were not a good match and I'm glad the writers split them up. However it would have been good if this decision had been made with some forethought for what to do next with Jenna. 

Instead, Jenna has popped up every so often in the background of the cafe, without even playing a major role in the Croppers' storyline. Her dad Lloyd is enjoying a new romance with Andrea but yet again Jenna hasn't had much to do with that either.

When Jenna first came into the show she was a trained professional. Sadly this side of her character was lost when she sacrificed it for her doomed relationship with Ms Webster. I don't think Jenna is suited to working in the cafe. I think we should be seeing her trying to rebuild her life and career with the support of her father, out of the shadow cast by her now absent mum. Perhaps Kal could take her on at his new gym? It would also be interesting to see Jenna embark on a new relationship.

Krissi Bohn is a good actress and unfortunately I just don't think she's being given a chance to shine. She has a great sparring partner in her onscreen father, played by the wonderful Craig Charles. We just don't see enough of them together.

So what do you think the writers should do next with Jenna? Do you agree she has a lot more to offer?

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Anonymous said...

She should appeal her loss of licence or apply for a probationary permit ( writers may have to fudge reality).Then she could work on people at the new gym.

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