Saturday, 11 June 2016

Carla's exit and Callum's re-entrance, Day 5

While it was Carla Connor's last appearance before retreating to Devon, tail between her legs (and what a sad way for the great Carla Connor to go, isn't it?), most of last night's episode was about the discovery of Callum's body under Gail's annex floor. Poor Tyrone thought he'd run over someone and Eileen was cracking jokes about Gail's dead husbands which did make me laugh but was totally inappropriate! I do think Gail's going to have nightmares about that body under her bed for a long time.

Kylie and Sarah are bricking it and David is scrambling, for once his "cool" cracking a bit while he tries to organize a quick getaway, leaving Sarah to carry the load. Kylie wasn't about to let that happen. Sarah might say she can hold it together now, but it was only a few days ago she was gibbering to Callum's spirit in the annex.

It took nearly half the episode for the body to be discovered even though we, David and Kylie and Sarah knew what was coming. It probably would have been smarter for David to tell straightaway, might have made him look more innocent but it's too late now.

As for Carla leaving, It's sad that she went out defeated. I felt bad for Johnny, the first time she called him Dad was the day she left. And I knew that Roy would get back in time, telling her in so many words that he did love her (even if he was angry and a bit fed up). You can be angry with someone you love when you see them self destructing over and over, often pulling innocent others into the morass with you.

Odd that she's going to Devon. Isn't that kind of like rubbing sea salt in the wound? Anyway, the whole week had me transfixed to the screen. Here's a running commentary with screen captures to end up. 

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