Monday, 13 June 2016

Corrie Canada weekly awards for June 6 - 10

Wedding gift win/fail: Cathy's Adam and Eve painting! Shocking. But she had the faces looking quite accurate!

Lump in the throat moment. Roy telling Carla he's proud of her and Hayley would be, too. Carla calls Johnny Dad for the first time as she leaves Weatherfield.

Musical ambiance "How will I know (if he really loves me)" while Carla is confessing to Nick.

David and Goliath award: David warned Robert that he would have flattened him. If he hadn't had his hands full.

Phrase of Doom: Audrey "I don't see how things could possibly get any worse for this family". (You're new here, right?)

Bricking it award: Sarah, Kylie and David after Callum's body resurfaced.

Contrived award: The only niggle I have is: Why did Tyrone take the breakdown truck to go buy Fiz a dress when he owns a perfectly servicable car? (Yes, I know why but it was a contrived set up)

Not a blushing bride: Carla was the glummest bride I've ever seen.

Lines of the week:
Tracy "That colour is not a good look" Amy "Well, twisted and bitter is not a good look either"
Tracy "Good luck today, Carla" Carla "Luck doesn't come into it" (you're going to wish it had)
Johnny "I think I know who did this" Michelle "No... she wouldn't!" (It's not the first wedding she screwed up, if you'll recall)
Tracy "Busy Tracy is much better than Bored Tracy"
Gail "My little Nicky. Getting married. Moving away." (then telling him he's her first born with a special place in her heart) David "All right mum, you'll ruin his mascara"
Cathy "I'd marry Roy in a heartbeat"
Tracy "I've only got one kidney!" Johnny "One kidney. No heart"
Sean "A really nice love poem, by, I don't know, Someone or Other" Jenny "Aw, he's dead good, him"
Gail about Carla "I never trusted her" (didn't take long to change her tune)
Nick "Whatever it is just say it. It can't be that bad, can it?" (yes, yes it can)
Gail "She ought to be over here explaining. Not sat there like Cruella deVille with a migraine"
Nick "Making a mistake isn't illegal" and "sorry to rain on your grenade but the only person you're showing up is yourself" (hurrah!)
David after Gail slapped Carla "Way to go, Tiger Mum"
Cathy "A wedding's just one day, but a marriage isn't always what you think it is"
Tracy "She tried to kill me!" Jenny "It's a shame she missed!"
Michelle "No one gets it but you. No one gets me but you" (but it's not about you)
Amy "Oh I'll get my violin, shall I?" (Ha!)
Robert "I made a mistake. But she stuck the knife in. And twisted it"
Roy "Perhaps I'm tired of the insanity"
Carla "I love you, Dad" (first time she's called him that!)

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