Monday, 27 June 2016

Corrie Canada weekly awards for June 20 - 24

Hangover cure: Bad pop music.

Impertinent Award: Amy is really pushing things, isn't she?

Pants on Fire award: Todd lied to the police and said Tony killed Callum to keep Sarah and Jason both safe. Tim told Sophie he was making a beer cake.

Substitute BFF: Michelle ignores Maria for years until Carla's gone and now she's the backup confidante.

Philosopher award: Tim and Craig, but mainly Craig. (see line of the week)

Secrets and Lies award: It is probably the thing that annoys me the most about soaps, keeping secrets for no good reason. There's no reason on earth Billy can't tell Sean about Lee.

Shades of Mike Baldwin: Mike used to keep a cheeky bottle in his desk just like Johnny!

Blame shifter award: yes, it takes two to make a relationship work but Michelle can't put the blame on Steve for the choices she made.

Dirty drunk award: Nick.

What a coincidence award: Marian has come to Billy's church and wants to have Callum's funeral there. I thought poor Billy was either going to pass out or vomit on the spot!

Classic Literature award: Amy is reading one of my all time favourite books, Little Women.

Fashion award: Sally's new outfit for the Council do really was nice. Even soaked in beer!

Lines of the Week:
Michelle "Do you really want to be like your mum, Amy? Cause right now you're doing a really good impression"
Steve "I should have stayed in Spain"
Will "We didn't close the deal"
David to Todd "Consider me up to speed"
Tim "You won't find the answer to life's problems at the bottom of a glass" Craig "He's right, you know. You only find the dregs and occasionally your reflection" Steve "who's he? Humphrey Bogart?"
Todd to Billy "Being a vicar doesn't make you special, you're down here with the mortals"
Billy to Todd "You can't dig holes in fresh air"
Beth "When you have kids, Kirky, the whole point is they don't do the same stupid things you do!"
Billy "The ultimate justice comes from God"
Todd to Billy "You're just another bloke trying to do his best"
Steve to Michelle "Putting salt on your cornflakes is a mistake. what you did is in a different league" (she's still making herself out to be the victim, isn't she?)
Sean "You're dumped" and "somehow, I've managed to turn the local clergyman into a love rat"
Sally "I really wanted to make a splash" (asked and answered! I was waiting for it and was rewarded with a huge laugh!)
Billy "A gay vicar with a junkie brother"

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