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Sunday Comments June 12

These Sunday Comments are going to be a bit more of a running comment of the week's events. We started off with a wedding, then a secret blown out of the closet in front of everyone, and then an even bigger secret blown out of a hole under the floor! What a week!

The wedding day dawns.

Nick prepares for the day by going to a run with David. Good for stress, at least. He's smiling so it must be working. Nick seems fairly stress free so far, exchanging friendly words with Robert, joking with David while learning to tie a fancy tie which, by the way, I'm sure Nick could do with his eyes closed but perhaps it was for David's benefit. Nick is happy for a change.  But Carla's not. She looks full of doubts.

Amy is going to the wedding apparently and is all dressed up, much to Tracy's annoyance. She seems to be promising Robert she's going to behave. Nobody believes it, do they? A day that's all about Carla is not going to be one of Tracy's happy days.

Jenny wasn't invited and kind of feels bad about it. Probably because she wants to be Johnny's plus one. Later she made a play for just that role and got shot down. So much for playing it mean to keep him keen. She could end up shooting herself in the foot if she's not careful.

Aww Roy's throwing a wedding brunch for Carla. Sweet idea. Tracy dicovered it by accident, probably ignoring a Closed sign. More fuss made over Carla and Tracy just couldn't resist. She rerouted Carla's flowers! There was a card on the flowers in the cafe that told her where they were from. It was a quick thing, and you might have missed it and thought Tracy had a psychic moment knowing where to call.  

Even at the brunch, Carla didn't seem too excited about her wedding day, though she did have a nice moment with Cathy.

Johnny is determined not to let Tracy ruin the wedding. She obviously manipulated the situation to take in a nice little chunk of Connor cash to replace the flowers which, frankly, were ugly. All of them big, fluffy white ones. Johnny didn't tell Carla, probably best but she'll find out anyway.

Wedding gifts as varied as the givers. Homemade from Sinead, charity shop tat from Fiz, unsuitable from Beth and Kirk, modern and trendy from Alya, a painting from Cathy depicting Carla and Nick as Eve and Adam, horrifically bad taste which actually had their faces reproduced quite accurately!

Sounds like Cathy is getting wedding ideas of her own.

Inserted for comedy purposes: Kirk is freaked out by the Toby jug and Tyrone used Fiz's dress as a towel! One worked and one felt contrived. You decide.

Johnny lured Tracy to the factory to "pay her", 900 pounds which is extortionate for what she replaced. He nailed it, too. Tracy really is jealous of Carla down deep, but she didn't like it pointing out. Luckily, Johnny wasn't about to let her follow through on her threat to spill the beans and locked her in a storage closet.

Nick ironing his shirt wearing only an undershirt is not going to make hearts flutter like Jason did some time ago! But Gail's dress is nice! Very surprised she didn't scoop the iron out of his hand and do it for him!

More women gathering to get ready, Eva and Maria doing hair and makeup. Still, like the other women over in Number 5, getting that wine down their necks but where's Carla going? She still doesn't seem very excited for a bride?

Rita's probably right. Keep it professional, Jen.

Robert can't help flattering Carla but is a terrible liar. What's Tracy up to? He doesn't know because she's gone AWOL. We know where she is!

Yes, Roy does scrub up well. But Cathy, dressed to the nines, admitted she'd marry Roy if he asked. Good for you!

Tracy is going to pull out all the stops. Panic attack. Single kidney and needing medication. Single mother. And threatening the police. She's tried it all. He had second thoughts over the medication, though, finding some in her handbag, and believing her claims to having to have it 6 times a day. In comes Carla but Tracy didn't hear because of the radio, I guess. Lucky the pillbox fits under the door!

Even in her wedding dress, Carla looked glum. Pretty dress, though. There's the ugly bouquets. Someone should check them for black widow spiders, I think!

Nick's speech is sounding very cliche. Sean didn't do too bad trying to remember that poem even if it was just a couple of lines right and a couple wrong. (The Passionate Shepherd to his Love by Christopher Marlowe, in case you were wondering)

Sarah and Bethany's dresses almost looked like the same pattern. Audrey looked great in that deep purply blue with the fascinator. Loved Billy's stiped jacket. Isn't Amy looking grown up? Odd looking ties David and Nick are wearing, not really a cravat like I thought, just really wide with really big Windsor knots. Strange.

Fiz's dress got ruined and scarves didn't help. there's no time to go shopping so Tyrone attempts to save the day.

Yeah. Using a car to drive 100 feet is a bit wasteful but i suppose it's better than a parade down the cobbles in them heels.

Johnny didn't need to be hanging about in the factory. Tracy was firmly locked in. Contrived so that he'd still be there when Jenny went looking for him. He filled her in and Jenny offered to be the substitute jailer. Now he owes her one and you know she'll take advantage. Roy ended up doing his original job of walking her down the aisle. If you can have an aisle in a restaurant!

Oh, no. Lump in the throat moment. Roy telling Carla he's proud of her and Hayley would be, too. I wonder if that's what set her off. Nick is looking happy, interested in what the Registrar is saying. Carla just looks like someone punched her in the stomach and she wants to confess! Uh oh!


Carla wants to talk to Nick alone. How much do you want to bet it's going to drag out for the whole episode. Everyone's curious and nobody knows what's happening though Robert probably has an idea as does Johnny.

Oh. Well. She confessed she was unfaithful. I didn't expect that. She won't tell him who. Will he get it out of her? Yes. Yes he will. Now it's Nick that looks like he's been kicked in the gut. She picked a fine time to confess. Stress. It's not good for Nick. His head's going to explode. Thar he blows!!!

Meanwhile, Jenny is happy to keep Tracy in the closet and enjoying winding her up. Play a song about being trapped, put it on repeat and scarper. Good on yer, Jenny!

Nick the nice guy. Nick the doormat. Carla's begging, fancy footwork and pretty words. Did they work? Doesn't look like it. She's playing a final act of desperation. She'll wait for him. Doesn't she know there's a back exit in the kitchen? He used it but he didn't go very far.

Carla's back on Gail's righteous crap-list. Roy is trying to keep her going. Don't despair. Patience. You will go on no matter what. David's heard the truth and Nick has been used and abused again, nice guys finish last. He's bound to be getting tired of that. He's not sure, maybe yes, maybe it was a one off just like he and Kylie. (we can hear the fire alarm going off in the factory. Tracy did that, we saw her light up some lace and eyeball the alarm)

The wedding is off. Carla admitted it's her fault and said lovely words in his favour  but he's willing to forgive and forget. He wants to get married! Looks like what David said to Nick worked after all. Did you ever think you'd see the day when David was The Voice Of Reason? Me either.

Over to the factory, the alarm is turned off. Tracy didn't set a fire, just heated up the smoke alarm enough to set things off. Now she's out and she's loaded for bear and headed straight for the Bistro where the wedding is now under way. Vows are sworn. Tracy interrupts the wedding with a big objection and told everyone what it was but Nick took the wind out of her sails. Problem is, Carla never told Nick all the secret, didn't get a chance. So Tracy filled in all the blanks but Nick married her anyway. I didn't expect that.

Why on earth is Tyrone buying Fiz a dress for the wedding now? Ah, trying on for a photo shoot but don't actually pay for it!

Speeches. Father of the Bride. Groom who is very grateful. But in the end, the shadows and the stress start boiling in Nick's brain. Suspicions. Irrationality. And it's over. Done. Finito. The groom has left the building.


The groom is back in the building and his mother's back on the warpath as far as Carla's concerned again. Johnny is trying to talk Nick round. He's calmed down but he has realized he can't deal with Carla's self destruct mode. Gail won't be denied her revenge and slaps Carla hard. Forget calling her names though I'm sure that'll follow. But just because Carla hurt her child is no need to resort to violence. Demanding Carla leave and never darken Nick's door is more appropriate! Naturally, Carla believes she deserves everything she's gotten.

Kylie had to stay home and mind all the kids. Robert's not too happy with Tracy. Cathy's missed all the good stuff and so did Tyrone and Fiz who are still in the dressing room of the shop. Fiz did look nice in the orange dress and Tyrone, bless him, insisted she have it. And she's not even got anywhere to wear it, now!

Alex thinks Cathy should do the proposing. Why not, indeed? It's a leap year, after all.

Audrey has uttered the phrase of doom thinking things couldn't possibly get worse for the Platts. Oh crap. Sarah shuddered.

Tracy is crowing about her success. She's a great one to talk about Carla's moral compass. Robert's blaming the Bistro deal on Tracy. Don't call me mate and there's the second punch up of the night and Robert's dumped Tracy. Again. Please, to all the Relationship Gods, if you exist, please don't let them get back together again!

Why is Carla still sitting in the Bistro? Man, I'd have been long out of there instead of sitting there in danger of becoming Miss Havisham in my wedding dress. She finally left.

Tracy seems to have burned some very big bridges this time.

Max keeps throwing his paratrooper action figure out the window but Carla picked it up and put it in the car with her.

Timing is everything and Cathy's kind of sucks. She's down on her knee proposing just when Roy is trying to get the car to help Carla. That's all he can think of at the moment. He'll be mortified when he realizes.

Tyrone is trying to drive without his shoes on. Why do I think that's going to come back to haunt him? Or someone?

Carla is in the car and she's got Tracy in her sights. It almost looks like Tracy's daring her. Pedal to the metal, but she swerved at the last minute, with Tyrone and Roy's vehicles in the way. Carla goes off in one direction and knocks Cathy over and Tyrone's breakdown van goes right through Gail's annex wall. A HA! I can see what's going to happen now, can you? Damage to the annex and floor all broken up and Callum's body is discovered.

Carla's alive, Tyrone is ok but the annex is coming down around their ears. Where's Lily??! Oh she's ok, she hid under the table. Carla's a wreck. David's frantic when the truck starts sinking into the floor where the hole is. or was. David knows what's going to happen.

Doesn't look like Roy's going to forgive Carla and David, Kylie and Sarah's nightmares are just beginning.


The stench from that dead body is already permeating the room. I thought David was going to hurl into the hole.

Carla is getting out of Dodge, probably to Devon but where will she live? Not in the restaurant she was buying with Nick, that's for sure. She's way more upset about Roy cutting her off than she is about Nick at this point. But it looks like Cathy isn't dead, at least.

David's telling Sarah and Kylie the bad news.

oh don't make it about you, Michelle. No body gets you like Carla does? Not even your husband? Oh she annoys me. Carla's determined to leave and it's not as if Michelle can't go visit and Skype her all the time. Understandably, Carla really thinks she's burned all her bridges and at this point, she probably has.

Tracy is definitely making it all about her. Locked up. Nearly killed. Poor thing. Amy! You rock. yes, get your violin. Fiddle while Tracy's life goes up in flames. Johnny's not going to admit holding her in the storage room and everyone else will lie to back him up!

Platts en masse look at the damage in the light of day. David runs away to get teas and coffees. Now David thinks Nick should leave as well, even if just to escape the pity party. Go on your honeymoon alone. No dice, He's going to stay around and take the pity, I guess.

Now. Robert has had enough. He admits making a mistake but Tracy took it and ran with it. He already knew that but let himself be talked into going back with her when he dumped her a few weeks ago. Maybe this time will stick. I certainly hope so. Never liked them together. Even Amy's jumping ship, doesn't want to be with her mother. Amy really told Tracy a hard truth. She knows exactly what her mother's faults are and she's not having it anymore. Yep, the ship is sinking all right. Will Ken throw her out? It wouldn't be the first time. 

Still no body discovered. But the breakdown truck is finally extracted and the workmen found a body under the truck. Poor Tyrone probably thinks he ran over it! He did say last night he thought he bumped over something. It wasn't of course, but he did say. Meanwhile, Kylie and Sarah are bricking it!

Oh look, Cathy's awake. She's more concerned about the failed marriage proposition and Roy's ignoring the subject. Carla.... probably shouldn't have come but I think Cathy won't be too hard on her. Roy isn't going to be so forgiving. Cathy's trying to make peace. He's saying things that make it seem like he might forgive though he's still angry, it's clear. I don't think he realizes she's not just leaving the hospital, though.

Gail's going to have nightmares about that body under her bed. Tyrone is relieved it wasn't him that ran over the body, at least. Eileen cracked a joke about it being one of Gail's husbands which was pretty funny but under the circumstances, probably not the best thing to say. And David, he came back and ran off again. Sneaky git.

Jenny has given up the "hard to get" method, it seems. It's full out flirting between both sides.

Maybe Roy does realize Carla's going for good and there's Cathy knowing he'll regret it if he doesn't see her off. He is angry enough to have had a gut full of her crises. Still, I'd be surprised if he doesn't show up at the last minute.

Meanwhile, it looks like Carla might just get out of town momentarily. At least her family cares and they're seeing her off. Nick just ran past. I feel the worst for Johnny. He's just been able to acknowledge his daughter and he's losing her. And that's the first time she's called him Dad. Michelle didn't stick around after that, off in a flood of tears instead of seeing her bff off.

David took the tickets to Paris and thinks they can escape. What, and leave Sarah behind? Yes, that's what he was going to do but Kylie thinks they should all confess. David still wants to go, Kylie wants to stay and face the music. Sarah thinks she's been through the worst and can be ok as long as they all stick together. Somehow I doubt that.

Oh but there's still one more person to confront. Maybe Tracy did want to be Carla. She's won in the end but it looks like a very hollow victory. Ohhh. Roy got home on the bus in time!

And here come the police. They found a credit card and they are pretty sure it's Callum. Kylie's reaction was good. Could even seem like genuine surprise.

Roy seems to accept Carla after all. The moment that got to me, though, was him suggesting she should try to love herself as much as "we all" do. That's really what it comes down to. He's right. And she can go away knowing he doesn't hate her.

And that's the last we'll see of Carla. Good luck, luv.

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