Monday, 21 September 2015

Corrie Canada Weekly Awards for Sept. 14 - 18

More Art Win: Craig's flowers were awesome. So was Mary's Grim Reaper with Nettles in its own way. Very Mary.

Guiltier than Thou: The more Carla sinks into misery, the guiltier Tracy feels.

Gang wars award: Callum threatened Tony revenge. But I think Tony's heavies could probably trump Callum's and then some. Callum might have used the finger of doom on Tony but he was begging a minute before and gasping for breath on the way out.

Turning point award: Todd has some some awful things but I wonder if this is the crisis that's going to make him pull his own life together.

Blushing Bride award: Sally's red faced in her wedding dress, not from a blush but from the effort to get out of the dress!

Friends with Benefits award: Now that Liz and Lloyd can agree that they aren't in it for a proper relationship, I think they're going to be in it for a bit of fun.

Gift Horse award: Kevin hated the bracelet Tim gave him. It was rather ugly.

Plot Device award: Nick left his wallet at Carla's and it's full of credit cards. Carla has a gambling habit. Do the Maths!

Cute Quota for the week: Hope with her face painted. On come on, she *did* look 7 shades of cute!!!

Lines of the week:
Cathy "They would have spotted I was a fake faster than the Mona Lisa in a top hat"
Lloyd "I'm trapped!"
Mary "For me, cut flowers are synonymous with death. And betrayal"
Aidan to Tim "You're a window cleaner, right?" Sally "He's a Window Enhancement Executive" (Bwahahaha)
Gail about the shop from which Sally bought her dress "I bought one of mine there" (I bet she doesn't remember which one!)
Kevin "I'm a mechanic, I'm not a ladies' flamin' maid!"
Tracy "Whoever started the fire, it was an accident anyway" (she's cracking)
Liz "A girl is entitled to feed her cravings every now and then"

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