Monday, 14 September 2015

Corrie Canada weekly awards Sept. 7 - 11

Xena award: Sally thinks shoulder pads make her feel like a warrior princess going into battle. She gets the fashion award, too. I liked her suit!

Musical ambiance: "Pick up the Pieces" on the juke in the pub when Erica is moaning about losing Nick.

Delusional award: Sally and Sean both for thinking Aidan was flirting with either of them. Actually, he was, but he didn't mean it!

Stag on a Mountaintop award: Robert and Aidan. Which made no sense. Tracy was the rude one, Robert was just trying to keep the peace not make moves on Carla. Contrived much?

Art gone Viral award: An art class was scheduled in a little back street community centre. 24 hours later there were so many people that wanted to take it that they had to turn some away? Really?

Lines of the week:
Gail "I'm standing in me kitchen drinking "cambridge's"(?) talking about gangsters and guns"
Tony "I look after my own" Eileen "When it suits you" (Ow.)
Sally "I like a substantial shoulder. It makes me feel like Boudicca going into battle"
Carla to Nick "You like having a car crash girlfriend?" (yes, actually, I think he does)
Steve "It's like leaving the monkeys in charge of the bananas!" Lloyd "You getting a monkey??"
Liz (about the dog) "How does she cross all them roads?" Steve "Maybe she takes the bus"
Lloyd "I'm funnier than Nick Tilsley" (I agree. Nick is not one i would call a laugh-a-minute)
Gail about Bethany "How can she be so stupid?" Nick "The question is, how can Callum be so smart?"
Lloyd to Steve "If you ever turn up here in a pink dress or a string of pearls, you and me are finished!"
Tony "I don't need people poking their nose into my business" (then don't talk about your business in a pub)

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