Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Why Callum Logan is Corrie comedy gold

Why Callum Logan is Corrie comedy gold Despite him putting the boot into beating up Jason last night, I'm still loving every minute of Sean Ward on screen as Callum Logan. He's so bad he's brilliant. 

Callum is fey, a bit camp, well over the top and I love watching him on screen. I knew Jason was in for a rouging-up last night after Callum pointed his finger of doom at the lad. Poor Jason didn't stand a chance once that finger had been exposed.

Of course, it's just a matter of time before Callum gets what's coming to him. Will that be enough to scare Callum away from the Street? I hope not... not just yet.

I'd love to see Callum being taken down by someone less manly than, say, Tony. There's got to be a fitting end to the campness of Callum and being beaten up by bad-man Tony isn't it.

In an interview with TV Times magazine some weeks ago, actor Sean Ward confessed he can't drive. He said that all the scenes of Callum pulling onto the Street in his car have to be edited well. Someone else drives the car in and out of shot, and Callum just 'appears as if by magic' getting into or out of the basking white shark on wheels.  I don't know why it should, but this endears me to Callum even more, it adds to his utter pointlessness.

Callum's a joke. One that's been well played, it has to be said. But one that needs to move on and be done with.

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Daithi_c said...

I don't consider him funny, just a bully.

Daithi_c said...

I'm sorry, I just don't see what is remotely funny
about storing a loaded pistol in a child's bedroom,
and now Max has seen the true vicious nature hiding
within his idolized good-times only 'dad'.

I hope he hates Callum, never wants anything to do with
him again, and starts calling David 'dad',
and that David adopts him as his legal son.

Tvor said...

Of course the gun thing isn't funny. But the author of the post doesn't find Callum remotely scary or believable as a villain.

Daithi_c said...

Sorry, Callum is to me too much like some
real deadbeat dads (and bullies) to
be anything but a villain who has
been going on far too long and needs
to be removed.

That said, kudos, and well done, to the actor playing
him to nasty perfection.

I wish they'd bring back classic comedy duos
as Reg and Curly, or Maude and Percy, or even
Uncle Umed.

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